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10 Best Morocco Tours

10 Best Morocco Tours & Trips 2022/2023 - TourRadar

Not many countries in the world have as much climate and cultural diversity as Morocco. Although it is located in the northern part of the African continent, in many ways it is more like the Middle East than Africa.

It is known for its amazing expanses in Morocco Tours, harsh deserts, fascinating peoples who live there, and its cultural cities, which are truly melting pots of many different cultures and races.

Its bazaars, oases and palaces are also alluring, so finding lots of interesting things to do in Morocco is not a problem.

Here are 10 of the best tours in Morocco.

1. Fantasia 1001 evening dinner and show in Marrakech

If you’ve read The Thousand and One Nights, a compilation of ancient Moroccan folktales, you know that these stories are full of magic and mysticism.

According to these stories, this dinner and show combo is the perfect way to unwind and entertain at the end of a busy day.

Set in a quaint palm-lined courtyard, the theater includes a variety of different dishes from many regions and ethnic groups in the country.

The four-hour show includes riders, belly dancers and some pretty incredible acrobats. These attractions fill up quickly, so consider booking early.

2. Atlas Mountains Day Tour by Camel

While Marrakech is a great place to explore, it’s also nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

You’ll see Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, up close.

Stop at Imlil in the Atlas Mountains to gain insight into the Berber culture and way of life in the region, and take in some of the most stunning mountain and valley views in the vicinity.

After drinking warm mint tea, you will ride a camel and follow your guide to waterfalls, ancient terraced agriculture and an authentic Berber market.

3. Half-Day Four and Camel Tour from Marrakech in the Desert

Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable riding a quad bike or a camel, this half-day tour will provide you with all the training and gear to see the amazing desert, have fun, and get back to piece by piece Family.

You’ll ride a beast of the desert like Lawrence of Arabia decades ago and enter a true Berber village.

Generally speaking, Moroccans are known for their hospitality. When you join them for a hot cup of tea, you’ll know why, as it’s shaded by the relentless desert sun.

4. Marrakech Ouzou Falls Full-Day Tour

While you might not think there are any waterfalls in the vast desert known for its intensity and expanse, the waterfalls in Ouzoud are a stunning and scenic oasis in the Great Atlas Village.

You will be picked up from your hotel and taken to the waterfall by air-conditioned minibus. While the drive takes about three hours, it’s full of dramatic landscapes you probably won’t see again.

After an afternoon of swimming, relaxing and gazing at the cute monkeys that call the waterfall home, you will be transferred back to your hotel and will arrive around 6:00 PM.

5. Night Camel Trek from Merzouga to Erg Chebbi Dunes

There really is no more fascinating and authentic way to see the magnificent deserts of Morocco than on a camel ride.

This 3 days tour from Marrakech to fes once-in-a-lifetime tour is available in multiple languages ​​and includes a stop at a Berber settlement where you can sip a hot mint tea while tasting traditional Tagine dishes.

You’ll experience traditional desert life while watching the sunset over the dunes, join drum circles, and sleep in surprisingly comfortable Moroccan homes.

If you’re lucky, you might also spot some fascinating desert animals such as lizards and the region’s famous pink flamingos.

6. Marrakech Desert and Palmeraie Quad Tour

Palmeraie is a breathtaking oasis on the outskirts of Marrakech, made up of hundreds of thousands of palm trees and even has a golf resort and beach.

The fact that this extraordinary oasis is surrounded by the largest desert in the world makes it a place of contrast and distinction.

You’ll experience Moroccan hospitality and cuisine, all within a short drive from the city, making it a great way to experience the culture and maximize the value of your time.

Don’t expect a hectic pace; this guided tour is all about relaxation, peace and experiencing the stunning beauty of the desert.

7. Berber Villages and Valleys Atlas Mountains Day Trip

Available in English and Arabic, this day trip takes you through the Haouz plains to the majestic Atlas Mountains and the stunning Moulay Brahim Gorges.

You’ll ride camels on many trails that lead to the mountains, from where you’ll reach altitudes that may give you the unique look of tall, snow-capped mountains looming over the vast, hot and arid desert below.

In a village like Imril, you can relax, grab a bite to eat and sip some hot mint tea to restore all  the energy you expelled in the morning on your trip.

The afternoon will be spent exploring some remote and fascinating valleys.

8. Essaouira Day Trip from Marrakech

Morocco’s Berber women are a hard-working group who produce many of the country’s most valuable staples, such as argan oil, which is made from the fruit of the local argan tree.

This day trip to essaouira begins at 8:00 AM in Marrakech and after a three-hour journey you will arrive in Essaouira on the country’s Atlantic coast.

You will wander the narrow streets of the ancient city, breathe the sea air, and admire the Moroccan architecture, which contrasts with the sparkling sea and blue sky.

9. Day Trip to Ouarzazate and Ait Ben Haddou

This packed Ait benhaddou day trip includes door-to-door transportation to and from your Marrakech hotel. It will take you on a 3-hour adventure into the Moroccan desert on the other side of the famous Atlas Mountains.

You’ll cross a nearly 2,000-meter-high mountain pass to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site, surrounded by dazzling canyons, palm groves and scenic villages tucked into steep mountains.

The town of Ouarzazate is considered the Hollywood of Morocco for its glitz, sparkle and up-and-coming film industry, ideally located near such a stunning setting.

10. Marrakech Food Tour and Dinner

Marrakech’s markets are known for their amazing local fruits, vegetables and ingredients, most of which are rare and exotic by Western standards.

Particularly popular are dried fruits and nuts, which are staples of Moroccan cooking.

Djemma El Fnaa Square is one of the largest and most visited souks in the area, full of energy, bargains, snacks, gossip and regular old shopping.

This guided tour will take you into the back alleys and narrow streets where most locals buy what they need to feed their families.

The market is a great place to buy souvenirs. After the tour, you will dine at a local restaurant, which is usually crowded with locals and tourists.