6 General Tips for Choosing Wine


“I want good wine” is what the average shopper usually comes to a liquor store with. And then the torment of choice begins — white or red, dry or semi-sweet, cheap or expensive.

There is no universal advice on which wine to choose. A good drink is one that will please you.

But some recommendations will help you not to get lost in the huge assortment of https://puninwine.com/catalog/wine when you decide to buy wine online Cyprus.

1.Price Matters

It’s time to stop believing in the myth that cheap wine is just as good as an expensive one. Very cheap imported wines should certainly arouse suspicion. Even if they are inexpensive on our shelves, taking into account all import duties, they are sold at the lowest price at home. Most likely, this is a very dubious wine drink — flavors and dyes in an alcohol solution.

2.It Is Crucial to Evaluate the Amount of Sugar

Not only the grape variety and aging time determine the taste and aroma of a wine. It does not hurt to evaluate the amount of sugar in the composition. This will help determine the main thing — the category of wine:

  • dry,
  • semi-dry,
  • semi-sweet,
  • sweet.

And then you can already choose a product of a particular brand.

3.It’s Time to Get to Know New Regions

Excellent wine is made in France and Italy. But serious drinks from famous producers in the middle price range cannot be found. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of tasting quality wine. It is worth taking a closer look at less popular brands from the New World — regions outside the traditional wine-growing regions of Europe. Wines from Chile, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, and the USA have become very popular.

4.It Is Better to Choose Young Wine

The longer the wine is aged, the better it is — it is an immutable rule. But this applies to expensive collectible drinks. As for the average alcohol, it is better to choose younger varieties. It is in the first years of life that most wines have the most intense taste and aroma.

5.It Is Necessary to Train the Receptors

When good wine often accompanies dinner, it’s time to learn to understand the issue. Train your receptors — start by tasting different types of alcohol from one manufacturer. Comparing the taste of the drink with what is written on the label, you can sort out crucial nuances — how the grape variety affects the aroma, the aging time, and the amount of sugar in the composition.

6.Mobile Apps Will Help

If you don’t know which wine is better to choose in the store, you can trust mobile applications. There are apps where huge databases of wines with reviews from ordinary consumers and professional sommeliers are collected; ones that tell the year of harvest and bottling of a particular wine when scanning the label. Be sure to use them if you are going to buy a drink that you have not tried before.


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