June 19, 2024


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Airline prices rise as travel demand grows and pandemic restrictions ease


Some New Yorkers are looking to get away, but flying is going to cost travelers more than usual.

Passengers at MacArthur Airport are excited to go on vacation, but some say it hasn’t been easy for them to find reasonably priced flights.

The Morgantis say it was a challenge to a book a flight due to skyrocketing air fares.

“We were looking to fly out of New Haven and especially this week, the prices were through the roof on an airline,” Bobby Morganti says. “So, we came out here. It was worth the extra drive.”

According to Hopper.com, domestic airfare is up 40% from the start of 2022 and is expected to increase another 10% next month.

Industry experts say the high air fares are the result of two years of pent-up air travel demand and the rising price of jet fuel.

“Right now, we’re just seeing pricing go higher and higher,” says Matthew Kondrup, of Matty K Travel Group. “As demand continues, I think it’s going to keep going up.”

According to Matty K Travel Group, the average roundtrip airfare from New York to Orlando during Presidents Week in 2021 was $200. The airfare for the same week in 2022 ranged from $800 to $1,000.

Travelers could also have to spend more on Ubers or cabs.

Some are asking family or friends to drop them off at the airport to avoid paying that extra fee.

Travel experts say the tip of booking flights on certain days to get a better rate doesn’t work anymore.

They say anyone looking to fly this summer should book now because the long they wait, the higher the airfare will be.


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