Asian Group Takes Over Landmark Building at Zurich’s Paradeplatz

Savoy Baur en Ville, one of Zurich’s top hotels, will close its doors by the…

Savoy Baur en Ville, one of Zurich’s top hotels, will close its doors by the end of 2022, only to reopen two-and-a-half years later under a new name and new management. The renovation is the fourth in the long history of this landmark building at Paradeplatz.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group will take over the management of Savoy Hotel Baur en Ville, the luxury hotel at Paradeplatz in Zurich. Even after the handover of operational responsibility, the ownership will remain the same though: Credit Suisse (CS) will retain its majority stake in the renowned hotel, according to a statement released on Monday.

The 5-star house will undergo a complete makeover of its interiors before the new Mandarin Oriental Savoy Zurich will open its doors in mid-2024. The old Savoy will close at the beginning of 2022.

Fewer Rooms, New Lobby

Paris architect Tristan Auer will oversee the renovation of the hotel, which oversees not only the headquarters of Credit Suisse but also those of rival UBS. After the renovation, the Savoy will have 80 rooms, down from a current 104. All rooms will receive a complete makeover.

The meeting and event rooms on the first floor will also be renovated, as will the lobby and all restaurants and bars. No alterations will be made to the façade of the hotel complex other than the change to the name of the building itself.

Fourth Major Renovation in Its History

The new management under the lead of Mandarin Oriental will guarantee a continued top-quality service combined with a global network that is ultimately key to a successful operation of a luxury hotel, Credit Suisse said.

The Hotel Baur en Ville was opened on December 24, 1838, by Johannes Baur, a journeyman baker from Vorarlberg, Austria, and it became the first grand hotel in the city of Zurich. The hotel was renovated in 1857 and in 1907, and it had a total of 170 rooms when it reopened in June 1908. Between 1975 and 1978, the hotel closed its doors and underwent another major renovation.