Away Chromaticity x Heretic Uses Fragrance As A Way To Travel (Mentally, That Is)

One day, science might progress far enough to bring teleportation out of sci-fi movies and into reality, allowing you to snap your fingers and appear in London in the blink of an eye. Until then, there’s the Away Chromaticity x Heretic launch. A new partnership between the cult-favorite fragrance brand Heretic and the highly Instagrammable luggage and travel brand Away, Chromaticity: The Sensory Set combines an entire travel-inspired fragrance collection with Away’s equally new Chromaticity: How Artists See the World coffee book.

Retailing together for a cool $125, the bundle set launched alongside the art book itself ($40) on Dec. 8 via Away’s website. 12 travel-sized Heretic fragrance vials are included, with each one taking inspiration from a particular destination. This includes Dirty Mango, which nods to Mexico City, or the London-leaning Scandalwood. The fragrance set packaging is just as presentable as the book, too — so you can leave both out on your coffee table and imbibe whenever.

Since, after all, the idea here is to engage two major senses, even as you’re sitting at home all winter. Flip through the paintings and illustrations in the art book, sniff your way through the fragrance set, and allow it to teleport you away. “I am thrilled that Away was excited to explore the uncharted waters of natural and clean perfume as part of this exciting project,” noted a press quote from Heretic founder Douglas Little. “Travel has inspired so much of my work as a perfumer, it is the true, authentic, and visceral moments of being abroad that are close to my heart. For me, these natural materials have the same vibrancy and authenticity of travel.”

Courtesy of Away
Courtesy of Away

This isn’t the first time that Away has put a 2020 spin on modern travel this year. The brand launched limited-edition Mini Gift Sets for the holiday season that range from $75 to $95, and include a sturdy toiletries “suitcase” along with select options from beauty and lifestyle brands Away fans undoubtedly will love — think NOTO Botanics serum, Habit SPF spray, and a Golde latte sample pack.

Find those giftable products on the brand’s website. Or, continue ahead to shop Chromaticity: The Sensory Set, because everyone could use a mental vacation right about now.

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