Away Travel Face Mask Review

Scouting Report: This face mask is comfortable enough to be worn on cross-country flights, and…

Scouting Report: This face mask is comfortable enough to be worn on cross-country flights, and adjusts to fit my face perfectly.

With traveling becoming more and more of a thing, I’m getting ready for my next big trip. One thing that will definitely be coming along is—you guessed it—a face mask. But which one? Recently, I had the chance to try Away’s face mask (you know, the luggage company), and after one train ride to Philly and back, I’m pretty convinced that this will be the mask I bring on my next excursion.

I’ll put it this way, Away’s face mask feels like a luxury eye mask that you might wear while in First Class, just a little lower on your face. The mask is made from a Nylon and Elastane blend that is silky smooth and breathable. It has an antimicrobial finish to keep germs at bay, too. The ear loops are adjustable so it’s easy to exact a perfect fit, and there is even an optional back of head strap — this is a great option for longer adventures to relieve ear tension. Especially because this mask is meant for planes and trains, it has a filter pocket so you can add an extra layer of protection.

To test out the mask, I had to do some traveling. I took the Amtrak from NYC to Philly and wore a disposable mask there. I hated it—the fabric kept getting in my mouth and my ears were sore by the end of the ride. On the way back, I popped on the Away mask. Not only was it comfortable to wear, the fabric was a little distanced from my face so I could wear it with ease, and I pretty much didn’t even recognize it was there.

The mask has all of the aspects of luxury—from the fabric to the little antimicrobial carrying pouch you can easily pop it into when you’re not wearing it. If you’re booking your next trip anytime soon, I can’t recommend this mask enough.

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