July 22, 2024


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Escape to Thailand’s first space-themed hotel in Pattaya


BANGKOK (The Nation/Asia News Network): Grande Center Point Space Pattaya, a new landmark in the heart of North Pattaya, a city that never sleeps, is Thailand’s first space-themed hotel.

Escape the hustle and bustle to explore new leisure experiences in a concept design hotel with a full space theme from the front to the interior and services.

Grande Centre Point Space Pattaya, a soon-to-be-opened hotel inspired by space travel, from the space shuttle to the exterior and landscapes of outer space, features 490 rooms with aurora and star lights on the ceiling to make you feel like you’re on a spaceship.

Every room has its own balcony with views of the sea, with sizes ranging from 45 to 133sq m.

The flagship hotel of the LH Mall & Hotel group is Thailand’s first completely space-themed hotel. It’s unique and fascinating because it combines space travel as a design concept with the comfort of guests of all ages, with attractions ranging from a massive water park spanning 11,500sq m in four zones, such as an adventure in the space forest, to a huge water park spanning 11,500sq m in four zones.

Space Water Park has a space pirate beach with white sand and realistic-looking waves. Visitors may float down the lazy space forest river through caverns, waterfalls, jacuzzis, and intergalactic jungles.

A modern spaceship-themed facility featuring a kids club and games room, as well as outdoor recreational facilities including a playground, sandpit, and mini golf, are among the other amenities.

There are also additional facilities such as restaurants, cafés, and rooftop dining. and a huge conference room area at the Space Convention Center that can host gatherings for up to 900 people and has cutting-edge equipment such as a 12.48 x 5.40 m LED screen.

The Let’s Relax Onsen & Spa, with a floor space of up to 3,000sq m and the first sea view onsen in Thailand, is one of the highlights as well as popular treatments like spa and Thai massage.


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