July 21, 2024


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Hegseth celebrates end to travel mask mandate: ‘Victory for the American people’


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Fox News host Pete Hegseth said TSA no longer enforcing mask mandate for planes and public transportation “is a good thing” and “a sign we’re moving past COVID-19” on Tuesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

PETE HEGSETH: After two years of wearing masks on airplanes, inside Ubers and on trains and buses, we can finally take them off and we can throw them in the garbage or burn them in the fire pit, as my family did a few weeks ago. TSA has announced it won’t enforce the mandate anymore for travel. It’s now up to airports and airlines to decide if they want to implement their own rules. I mean, you’ve got to say it is a victory for the American people. This means no more flight attendants nagging at you to pull up your mask and cover your nose, even though most of them didn’t want to bug you in the first place. No more messages over the loudspeaker reminding you that masks are still required inside the train, regardless of vaccination status. 

Finally, they were everywhere, videos everywhere, you love to see it. But unfortunately, there’s a big old elephant plotted down in business class. Some people, they’re not happy the mandates have been lifted. You might even say they’re a bit upset, maybe triggered by the news… This is what happens when you spend two years virtue signaling with a piece of cloth on your face, when you make following the science your primary personality trait. Nobody wants to hang out with you… So, I get it with these people. This is like a really bad breakup, and they just want to hold on to the past for dear life. 

People traveling by plane during COVID 19, wearing N95 face masks, carrying luggage in airport terminal. (iStock)

People traveling by plane during COVID 19, wearing N95 face masks, carrying luggage in airport terminal. (iStock)

But all good things, they must come to an end. It’s time to turn the page, America, reluctantly, as we may want to and look forward to a new chapter. This is, after all, a good thing. It’s a sign we’re moving past COVID-19, hopefully for good. It is 2022, after all. I didn’t sign up for COVID 2022. 


And let’s be clear, no one is telling you that you can’t wear your mask. If you really, really want to wear to mask three masks and get three or four shots, you’re good to go. We’re all about individual choice and personal responsibility. That’s all we’ve been asking for since the China virus began. 


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