September 23, 2023


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How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits

How much does it cost to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits

Vivian James Rigney is no everyday traveler.

The executive coach and speaker has frequented much more than 80 international locations and lived on three continents.

He is also climbed the greatest mountains on all seven continents, the so-called 7 Summits.

It is a feat that took him 14 a long time — one, he estimates, that fewer than 1,000 men and women have accomplished.

And he did it regardless of currently being “terrified of heights,” he claimed.

In an job interview with CNBC Travel, Rigney talked about what he learned — and how substantially it price tag him — to reach some of the greatest points on earth.  

The cost to climb

Rigney estimates he’s paid between $170,000 and $180,000 to climb the Seven Summits, he stated.

“Everest is, by much, the most pricey,” he explained, adding that he paid out about $80,000 when he climbed it in 2010.

“You have to preserve and create a system,” he explained. “That’s why it took me decades. I commenced, then I went to enterprise faculty, all my revenue was absent into that, then I commenced once again, received a new job … Piece by piece, I gradually received by way of it.”

But there’s another cost — the time away from work, said Rigney. Luckily, he mentioned his employers supported his aims.

“If you have a very good employer … they can see [personal goals] as anything which can aid elevate the spirits of the corporation,” he explained.

From ‘easy’ to ‘excruciatingly painful’  

In addition to expenditures, the 7 Summits range substantially in terms of climbing problems, stated Rigney.  

He claimed Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro is “straightforward,” contacting it “technically not hard at all.”

But it is superior sufficient to sense altitude illness, he said, which stops some climbers from achieving the leading.

Kilimanjaro can be climbed in a 7 days, he said. Antarctica’s Vinson Massif can acquire two months — “if you might be fortunate” — and North America’s Denali 3 to 4 weeks.

But Mount Everest is a “significant logistical operation” that can take about two months, he reported. It is by significantly the most tricky and dangerous climb, he explained, calling the practical experience “excruciatingly distressing.”  

“Each and every cell in your human body is stating you shouldn’t be in this article,” he reported. “Your instinct is likely nuts.”

Rigney climbed Mount Everest for about 4 to 5 hrs a day. The rest of the time “you might be recovering in your tent alone … no units, no internet … practically nothing.”

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He mentioned he arrived “bulked up and tremendous suit.” Despite consuming 7,000 to 8,000 energy a working day — primarily potatoes, pasta and dry foodstuff — he reported he misplaced 20 lbs in the course of the Everest climb.

Keeping warm normally takes a incredible quantity of electrical power, he said. Every thing freezes, he reported, like Lcd digital camera screens.

“We have what we simply call a pee bag. You pee in this bag, and you seal it and you place that into the sleeper bag with you since it really is heat.”

There are only about three to five days in the climbing time that climbers can arrive at Everest’s summit. If they do, it is a rapid victory, said Rigney.

“People today really don’t hang all-around the summit for several hours,” he stated. “You get the heck off the mountain as swift as you can.”

From climbing to coaching

Rigney is now an executive coach and speaker, training corporate executives lessons he realized from pushing himself, mentally and physically, to the limit.

He is also the writer of “Bare at the Knife’s Edge,” a book about how he is applied some of the most harrowing moments from his Everest climb for professional results.

Climbers never stay extensive when they attain Mount Everest’s peak, said Rigney. “You get the heck off the mountain as rapid as you can.”

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He said he can help “overachievers… [with] tons on their mind” accomplish equilibrium and break habits “which pull us along … as even though we’re on a conveyor belt.”

For illustration, panic — whether or not it’s of general public talking or his individual anxiety of heights — can be triumph over utilizing tips of the head, he explained.

And leaders must study to take items that are out of their regulate, be it an damage or a pandemic, he reported.  

He stated he continue to laughs when he thinks about arriving at a tiny plane hangar in Kathmandu just one hour before he was scheduled to fly to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Just after climbing the “Seven Summits,” Rigney claimed he is intentionally choosing journey activities that are less risky. He said numerous yrs back, he discovered a passion that is both equally demanding and enjoyable: scuba diving.

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“I try to remember going up to this gentleman … and I stated ‘Hey… what time do you think we will be leaving?'” mentioned Rigney. “He claimed: ‘Maybe right now, with any luck , by tomorrow, very likely by the stop of the 7 days.'”

10 minutes afterwards, a different climber, who acquired the very same solution, exploded with anger, he claimed.  

“Inevitably this guy looks about, crimson with steam coming out his ears, and we are just howling. I believe it last but not least clicked — like this is the place you are. This is about climate in the Himalayas!”

It really is just a single of a very long listing of “items we can command and matters we cannot,” reported Rigney.