September 22, 2023


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Every second of every day, someone needs something, whether a product or service. People would buy the first thing they come across that fits their requirements in an ideal world. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, which creates the necessity for product and service reviews so that general consumers and customers know whether it’s worth spending money on.

However, thanks to the internet, it’s now easier than ever to find well-reviewed products and services since customers can easily leave reviews and opinions online, influencing other people’s decisions. But this also creates a new dilemma — how do you know which reviews to trust and which to skip or ignore?

If you want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth the next time you spend money on a product or service, here’s everything you need to know to find well-reviewed and reputable services.


Television Ads

For generations, TV ads have been considered a dependable form of advertisement. This is because it gives the notion that if an advertiser has enough money to advertise on TV, their product should meet the advertised quality, which still holds today. Whether new or old, the best brands always advertise on TV, even to date, where the internet and smartphones are the norms for ad placements.

But just because someone can advertise on TV doesn’t mean the product or service they offer is of good quality. Fortunately, it’s easy to spot shoddy advertisements thanks to their poor production quality, which is a dead giveaway that the advertised product is shoddy or the service quality is inferior.


How to find well reviewed and reputable services


Online Blogs

Over the last decade, online blogs have taken the internet by storm, creating places for public discourse on various topics and purposes. You’ll be glad to know that product review blogs are some of the most common and popular blog niches looked up by most people looking to buy products and services.

This is because blogs are often owned by individuals who are not paid to advertise or shill for any particular product or brand. This creates a sense of trust and honesty for prospective buyers and clients to flock to these blogs. When looking for review blogs, try to go through the ones with an established reputation online.



A good product or service brand understands the importance of the internet in reaching out to and influencing new customers. Therefore, they tend to intensely focus on digital marketing, especially SEO (search engine optimization), to ensure it’s easy for customers to find them online among a sea of competitors.

The way SEO works are that it rewards good content that includes particular keywords and tags used by customers and consumers when looking up things online. If you study SEO a bit, you can easily identify aspects of a brand’s SEO efforts by looking at their website and other factors. In short, brands that have better SEO implementation are more trustworthy.



Another aspect you should be looking at when researching potential candidates for a particular product or service you need is their social media presence. A good brand knows that most of their customers and clients are heavily present on social media and focus their marketing efforts there. Customers also have an easier time leaving a review on social media.

Social media reviews are more dependable and trusted because you can easily verify whether the person leaving the review is a real person or not. You should also check the comments section of the brand’s social media posts to see how they interact with their clients or customers.


Search Rankings and Listings

Last but not least, you can also opt to check search rankings and listings on social media sites if you are really picky about the details. The best way to go about it is by typing the top 10 best (product or service) online and then going through the results on the first page of the search engine. Different sites also specialize in compiling standard search rankings and listings.


Perseverance Pays Off

With so many products and services and thousands of reviews for each, it can be tough to ascertain which one to trust. But as long as you keep the above-discussed tips in mind, this task can be easier for you. Over time, you’ll get better at filtering products and service reviews, reducing the research downtime.


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