JL50 ending explained: What happens at the end of this sci-fi time travel series?

JL50 is a science fiction series involving a plane crash and time travel. The series is available to watch on SonyLiv and is gaining popularity among viewers. However, the ending of the series has left many confused. Here is what the ending of JL50 meant.

Spoiler alert: The article contains spoilers from here on. Please skip reading this if you have not watched the series.

Plot of the series

When a flight AO26 goes missing, a plane crash is reported at a location which is out of the route of AO26. Shantanu, a CBI officer, is tasked to investigate if the plane was hijacked, as it crashed way out of its route. When Shantanu reaches the site, he finds out that the plane crash reported was of JL50 and flight AO26 has been hijacked at a different location.

But the catch is, JL50 had taken off from Kolkata 35 years ago. So where was the plane hidden for 35 long years? All passengers on board JL50 have died, except a pilot, Bihu Ghosh, and a passenger identified as B C Mitra, who had been working on time travel formulae.

Shantanu is in two minds when Professor Das, a quantum physics expert, tries to persuade him that it is a case of time travel. He tells Shantanu that he can prove it if they go to the same coordinates which Bihu Ghosh had flown into. Das further promises that if they go back in time and stop the plane from taking off, the crash would never happen in the present day and another plane would not get hijacked. He further assures that the demands of the hijackers to free their political leader would not have to be dealt with in the present.

How did the series end?

  • The ending sequence shows that Shantanu, Professor Das and Bihu Ghosh were able to travel into the past, i.e. 1984.
  • They are able to stop Professor Mitra from boarding JL50, hence preventing the flight from getting hijacked by him and further preventing the plane crash of JL50. This also meant that everything in the moment from then on changed.
  • The ending sequences show that Shantanu travels in AO26 with his wife, and their plane is not hijacked. In fact, no plane is hijacked as the villains of the series were killed back in the past.
  • Characters of Rajesh Sharma and Abhay Deol (the CBI officials) run into each other in the plane but do not greet each other. This meant that the two never became friends and probably Shantanu did not even get to join the CBI.

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Explained: What was the relationship between Bihu Ghosh and Shantanu?

It is revealed in the last episode of the series that Shantanu was left at an orphanage when he was only 15 days old. He witnesses an older man abandoning an infant and Shantanu sees that it was him as the baby. Later in the episode, he sees that the car that Bihu gets from her house was the same car that the older man had come in to drop the infant at the orphanage.

It was earlier revealed that Bihu had given birth to a stillborn out of wedlock. So when Shantanu sees that the car was from her house only, he learns that the older man was his grandfather and Bihu is his mother. But before Shantanu can reveal the secret to Bihu, the time changes and their lives change.

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Explained: Why does Shantanu call Bihu his mother?

In the last sequence, it is shown that Shantanu calls Bihu his mother and asks her, “had grandmother not told you that I was at an orphanage, how would you have taken me back?” This shows that since Shantanu was able to kill Professor Mitra, things changed altogether for everyone in the future. That meant that Bihu never piloted JL50, hence she never went 35 years in future.

In a sequence, it is shown that the mother feels guilty about lying about her stillborn. So when Shantanu asks if grandmother would not have told her about him, she reveals that since Bihu never ‘went missing’, her mother told her about the stillborn and the abandoned baby. Which in turn worked well for Shantanu as he was adopted by his birth mother, Bihu.

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