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Museum of the Future – The Futuristic Museum

Museum of the Future – The Futuristic Museum

museum of the future

Museum of the Future is one of the latest tourist attractions in Dubai. It is a futuristic museum to show the technological advancements in Dubai and future possibilities. 

Dubai is a distinguished tourist destination across the globe known for its beautiful architectural designs, skyscrapers, towers, culture and advancement. Thus, the Museum of The Future is a leading attraction which was recently erected to showcase to the world the progressive technological innovations of the city of Dubai.

The Museum can be termed as the world of the new, due to the brain-bursting designs that are not just relevant to the present but also for decades to come. This covers scenes and the modern world collections which depict ideation. This is another reason why you should travel to Dubai

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museum of the future

History of the Museum of the Future 

The history of the Museum of the Future is quite different and fascinating because it not only has a past but a present and prospect. The museum was an idea by the government of Dubai and the prime minister of the United Arab Emirates in 2015. They wanted to establish an attraction in the heart of Dubai that will showcase Dubai’s technological side.

However, it was not a reality until the Dubai Future Foundation was awarded the contract to take up the emergence of the museum in April 2016. Then after a temporary commencement exhibition, the museum was opened first in 2018 at Jumeirah, another distinguished destination in Dubai.

Then on the 22nd day of February 2022, the Museum of the Future was officially opened in Dubai’s trade centre. The unfolding parade and the treaty to begin the Museum was handed over to Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin. These are the leaders and the prince of Dubai respectively. The museum is already becoming one of the most visited places in Dubai.

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Ideas behind the construction of the Museum of the Future

As a way to combine the ideation of several forecasters, Dubai Future Foundation embraced the evolution of scientific research and set up the Museum of the Future.

The Dubai Future Foundation shapes the sphere of influence to reimagine and inspire Dubai’s future. This was in collaboration with the public and private sector, and partners to create initiatives, programs, and thought leadership to inform and implement on a local and global stage. The most visible manifestation of this determination is the recently opened Museum of the Future.

The reason for this is to adapt storytelling with the best use of technological innovations to envision Dubai’s future by the year 2071. Also, the plan is to generate the leading sources of wealth, invention and climate conservation.

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Location of Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is directly opposite the ever-busy highway in Dubai’s economic region.

museum in duvbai

The access fee for the Museum of the Future 

Tickets for the Museum of the Future are AED145 for adults. However, children under the age of three and aged residents of Dubai are allowed to enter for free. Kindly be informed that prices could fluctuate based on decisions within the metropolis.

Structural design of Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is a seven-storey building constructed with the best of connected ideas and strategic initiatives for showcasing Dubai in style. The building which took six years to behold has gone beyond conventional skyscrapers in the city and this is why everyone desires to behold the jaw-dropping sight.

The Museum was built with detailed structures, it was designed by Killa Design architecture studio. The building has three sections with representations, the grassy hill area, the empty steel ring and the glass building.

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future museum dubai

Right from the entrance and exterior, the building is designed in a way that you can behold it from afar, while at the gallery and also from a balcony in the museum. The Museum exists in an area of 17,600 square meters and constitutes a collaborative effort of researchers, engineers and architects all over the city.

Similarly, the building is made of glass and steel with reflective surfaces of light and pictorial displays beneath. The walls and side areas have Arabic quotes to inspire everyone who visits the museum.

There is a large hollow ring-shaped edifice that is metallic and has Arabic poetry by a famous Islamic leader etched on it. This is mostly interpreted by non-Arabians by museum guides.

Moreover, there is a hand-shaped structure pointing towards the indented curve, a sign that innovators and technology will rule the city in future years.

The building is divided into three bases, each of which special exhibitions in diverse areas and sectors of Dubai’s economy.

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A Splendour of Dubai’s prospective years

As the Museum of the Future continues to gain firm ground given the digital prominence of Dubai’s forthcoming years, there are so many interests structured there.

Dubai’s Digital Reserve- The 2071 perspective

A picture of the future of Dubai by 2071 which has been revealed to professional programmers and tech experts is the point of interest here. This describes how much the impact of technology would be seen in Dubai in the coming decades.

The museum has a digital garden technology with generically modified soils and flowers enclosed in a space. Also, there are colourful Arabic inscriptions that denote the preservation of the earth’s space.

Then, there is a developed woodland with artificial intelligence that displays a typical rainforest setting with plants and animals sheltered. All of these have been envisioned as what Dubai holds for residents and tourists.

Features of the Museum

Amazing natural frames

At the Museum of the Future, you will find glass frames arranged in extended rows. The frames present different colours of light that switch at intervals, from purple, red, blue, green and other collections of identifiable plants, fruits, insects biological diversity that describes Dubai.

Children’s Discovery Centre

At the Museum of the Future, there is an arena for kids to exercise their curious minds in the development of the city of Dubai. Hence, the environment is child-friendly and will provide a discovery and learning moment for children.

Moving Movie Theatre

You will experience what it’s like to run and feel the world moving along with you at the futuristic museum. This is achieved by stunning installations of arts, digital media and entertainment.

Also at the Museum of the Future, the floors tell a story that you can advance with. The lighting and pictures that are fixed to the ground are captivating modes that also characterize Dubai as an evolved cultural heritage.

Updates to Dubai’s Transportation and Technology

Imaginative innovations have been put together by artificial intelligence agencies to respond to the ever-changing needs of the world, and o keep it advancing. This starts with leading generations in technology, updated history, travels and road transportation.

Stationed remodels of automobiles are displayed in a wide space for you to see beyond the scope of motion technology at the present.

Digital exhibits of the sea and underwater adventure

There’s a beauty in diving on your toes and having a clearer view of what the aquatic world has to present if properly taken care of. Thus, you can explore the scenery of rushing waters contained in space, which is an adventurous wonder of plant and animal life in various habitats.

Climatic Preservation

As one of the world’s problems concerning pollution, changing climate, depletion and so on, Dubai hopes to cause an effective change.

Visiting time and days

Visitors are welcome into the future of Dubai every day from 10 am to 6 pm. Between these hours, you can grab a ticket and tour the showrooms with guides from the staff at the museum.

To add to this, it is likely that you spend about three hours or less touring the space, hence you can visit when it is not too crowded. This is rather possible in the early hours of the weekdays.

museum of the future

Things to do at the Museum of the Future

There’s so much to engage in at the museum of the future, ideal highlights are:

Discover the future of Dubai

With 3D installations, cameras, robotics and artificial intelligence, the future of Dubai have been captured in mode. This accounts for discovery, tourism, ecology and climatic encouragement, health care reform and models arranged to lead the world.

The OSS Hope, the Heal Institute and Al Waha are 3D and AI exhibitions at the museum that you will find engaging.

Learn about nature from the eyes of technology

At the museum, you gain revelation into the inbuilt ecosystem of Dubai as a city of diverse species. This includes flora and fauna in forests and beneath the sea. Hence, you are motivated to understand that if things are done right, nature is therapeutic to the body and mind.

Support the reshaping of the earth

Dubai has strategic planning in place to protect the environment and rights of endangered species, and promote wellness and education through technology. Therefore as an agent for social transformation and evolutionary change, the museum travels through the present to unravel the future of the earth.

Create pictures and videos from all angles

You are allowed access to the three floors and surroundings of the museum, therefore there’s room to create memories. This can be done by using a phone camera or a digital camera to capture the moment and also create your adventure in photographs and videos.

Shop for beautiful items and gadgets

There are tech stores where you can get gadgets and accessories at the museum of the future. These are inspired by the themed creations at the museum, coupled with artistic works and technology. You can shop for notebooks, mugs, key holders, and stationery amongst others.

Also, the museum has an online mart where you can select from the collections for sale.

Other Things You Can Do in Dubai For Free

Events you can attend at the Museum of the Future

To create awareness and also raise funds for the development of the museum, annual events take place at the gallery. Some of these events are linked to the establishment of the museum as well as its continuity.

Although your visit to the museum will expose you to a lot of discoveries and you can be a part of ceremonies, there are special events that take place at the Museum of the Future. These are;

Future Heroes Camp

An annual event for children, Future Heroes camp is at the Museum of the Future’s assigned area for youngsters. The camp began operations on August 2, 2022, and gave room for children to learn more about the museum and the world through science, arts, mathematics and programming.

It allows for adventure, fun and learning where young ones between ages 3 and above are developed with valuable tech skills. There are three adventures, Imagine, Design and Build that engage the minds and senses of children to discover, create and proffer solutions to challenges of the world.

The event is set to hold every summer in the coming years, thus it is a great avenue to unleash the greatness in your child by registering them for the camp whenever you visit.

Dubai Future Forum

The Dubai Future Forum is the first of its kind which was put together by the Dubai Future Foundation. The event is said to assemble hundreds of innovators with future-worthy ideas and visions that can be communicated among the top professionals.

This year in October, the two-day event will be held at the Museum of the Future in Dubai and it will host individuals with a curious mindset and world-shaping creations on how to address the needs of the city. This event aims to project Dubai as the centre of influence all over the world in all sectors of the economy including leadership.

IDC DX Forum

The IDC DX Forum is an annual event that takes place at the Museum of the Future in November. The exhibition features talk shows, seminars, and workshops that discuss how to carve a spot for the city of Dubai in the digital space.

This covers training dealing with barriers to advancement in business operations while steering the solutions through stability, digital infrastructure and experiential learning. 

Furthermore, the event exists to cover the lapses in organizational structures and list how information technology will push up the city of Dubai into a business hub.

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