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STAAH Product Updates You Can’t Miss Out


Continuing the trend of bringing you the best, here is a quick list of latest product updates, enhancements and features, that you should take note of, for the near future.

Booking engine customers will now be able to export the analytics and will also be able to take a print out of the visitors’ activity log.

Where is the export option?
• MAX extranet > Reports > BE Analytics
• Click on funnel
• Click on Export.



  • In-depth reporting 
  • Helps in understanding your visitors/potential bookers.

Find out more here

An enhancement on the bedding mandate on the booking engine has been added.


  • Properties that have one-bed type assigned, the system will auto-apply, no need for booker to select.
  • Room types that have multiple bedding options, the booker will need to choose a bed type to proceed. An alert is returned to prompt the user to select bed type.
  • Property needs to manage availability based on bedding configuration themselves.

STAAH customers can now view modifications made to a booking by guests.

What does that mean?

  • This will record the date and time of last update received for booking (i.e modification/cancellation).
  • Modify date added to booking export.
  • Property can view full booking history is in the ‘View History’ feature.

An option to add a flag to add PDF to customer email.

How to add a PDF to the email confirmation?

  • It is disabled for all, if required property can enable independently
  • Default, PDF included in email sent to property


  • Properties that want PDF attached to the guest email,  can enable flag.

An option for the property to add existing seasons (Master seasons).

  • When adding a season property will see option – New or Master
  • Master selected, user will see a drop down box with all existing/Master season.

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An option has been added to set validity. This allows properties to set dates where bookers will receive the WatchMyRate discount.

How to set up validity?

  • WatcMyRate setup > scroll down to ‘Apply validity’
  • Once flag selected, property can set validity dates.


  • Validity based on Stay date and booking date supported.
  • Multiple date range supported.

The newsletter subscription feature is now available.

Reviewminder Enhancement

STAAH customers subscribed to ReviewMinder (Online reputation management system), who have Airbnb connected as a channel via STAAH will now be able to the following for Airbnb reviews:


  • View their Airbnb reviews on ReviewMinder
  • Reply to their Airbnb reviews from ReviewMinder
  • Airbnb hosts can initiate and post a guest review

To find out more, read here

We will keep you updated on new enhancements, features and releases, as we continue striving towards building great experiences for our partners.

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