May 19, 2024


Inspired By Travel

Stephen Curry gets away with travel for sweet scoop shot

Good gracious. With how good footwork has gotten all across the NBA, travel calls have been getting looser and looser. Between ball-handlers like Kyrie Irving and Stephen Curry, the addition of the gather or “zero” step is just patently unfair. For example, check out this incredible little scoop shot that the Golden State Warriors star pulled off against the Denver Nuggets:

In earlier eras, this would be a travel. Then again, so would James Harden’s patented step-back threes. But for now, let’s not argue about that, because we need to focus on the absolute disrespect that Steph put on this shot. Any normal player would have gathered up for a normal tear drop and have a guaranteed two points. Not Steph. The Warriors star just had to flex his incredible touch by floating a shot to DOGE coin altitude, underhanded no less. This is, of course, coming off the heels of one of his patented double team splits around the back.

If you can be certain about one thing in this era of the NBA, it’s this: .500 team or no, the reason why Stephen Curry is so entertaining is because if he can find a way to win while embarrassing you, he will. It’s the perfect subtly devilish attitude that would have made him a headliner in any era–the willingness and finesse to reliably flex his obscene level of skill every night he’s on the court.

Here’s a video of the Warriors star’s epic move, this time from a better angle:

So back to the point: is this a travel in this day and age, or no? Would it have been called in an earlier era? And who in the world thought it was a good idea to stick Austin Rivers on Stephen Curry? Sound off your answers.

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