‘I Love Poster Art”: Cuomo Unveils Coronavirus Artwork

NEW YORK CITY — A coronavirus mountain’s slope pulled down by hard-working New Yorkers. Donald Trump sitting on the Moon declaring “It’s just the flu.” A nose being swabbed. An octopus and a boyfriend dangling off a cliff.

Governor and secret artist Andrew Cuomo’s unveiled a political poster Monday that depicts all those scenes. Many are likely familiar to New Yorkers who lived through the “111 Days of Hell” the artwork labels the coronavirus pandemic, although some unabashed in-jokes may not be so recognizable.

He expressed an admiration for turn-of-the-century political art that imparts messages through visuals alone. It seemed,

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Cuomo hails falling rate of coronavirus infections

Photograph: Timothy A Clary/AFP via Getty Images

As parts of New York prepared to reopen on Friday, the governor said new infections had fallen to the same rate as 19 March, the date he said the state “went into the abyss”.

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Giving his daily press briefing in Rochester, Andrew Cuomo said: “In many ways, from my point of view, we’re on the other side of the mountain.”

Cuomo shut down the entire state on 22 March, as the New York City area emerged as a global

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