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The Keelings great Rewilding Initiative is Buzzing to be Back


Wednesday, April 06, 2022.

The Keelings great Rewilding Initiative is Buzzing to be Back

The campaign aims to help reverse the decline in pollinator populations by scattering 250 million Irish wildflower seeds in Ireland this year

  • Last year, Keelings successfully scattered 100 million Irish wildflower seeds throughout the country
  • FREE* Irish wildflower seeds are available with special Keelings Great Rewilding berry punnets, available in stores nationwide
  • Garden designer Diarmuid Gavin once again joins forces with Keelings to launch The Great Rewilding

Today, Keelings announced the launch of their Great Rewilding initiative, which aims to address Ireland’s declining bee and pollinator populations. The campaign is in its second year and will aim to distribute 250 million native Irishwildflower seeds, an additional 150 million seeds compared to last year.

Following the success of the initiative in 2021, Keelings are inviting the people of Ireland to get involved by redeeming promotional codes from their unique berry punnets online, in return for free Irish wildflower seeds. Each seed pack is packed full of 30 different Irish wildflower species and will be sure to brighten up gardens across the country as summer approaches.

The Keelings great Rewilding Initiative is Buzzing to be Back

As part of The Great Rewilding initiative, Keelings have also distributed native Irish wildflower seed packs to 1,000 schools across the country, meaning children and teachers alike can get outdoors, create environments for pollinators to thrive in while learning all about bio-diversity.

David Keeling, CEO, Keelings Retail said: “We are delighted to be launching The Great Rewilding for the second year running. The response to the campaign last year was extremely positive and we as a business are committed in our journey to help with the declining population of pollinators. We hope that people will join us on this journey again and together we will help support bio-diversity.”

Diarmuid Gavin, garden designer and Keelings Great Rewilding ambassador commented: “I am delighted to support Keelings for the second year running on their Great Rewilding initiative. It’s something I’m very passionate about and I believe that if we all work together, we can make a significant impact. In the coming months, keep an eye on my social media channels, where I will again be sharing recommendations for becoming a part of the solution to the pollinator decrease.”

Keelings have identified lots of ways you can help such creating a Rewilding zone, building an insect hotel, or planting pollinator friendly plants. You can learn more about the campaign here https://keelingsgreatrewilding.ie/

*Each punnet entitles you to redeem one seed pack. Households are limited to three seed packs in total. T&C’s apply, limited quantity available. For further information and top tips please visit www.keelingsgreatrewilding.ie  

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