June 20, 2024


Inspired By Travel

The Tomorrow War Trailer Features Shirtless Time-Traveling Chris Pratt

Amazon may have just procured a slew of franchises in its forthcoming purchase of MGM, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t trying to launch its own as well. One of its stabs at a blockbuster franchise is the upcoming The Tomorrow War, which just landed its first full trailer after revealing a teaser a few weeks ago. The new trailer, featuring Chris Pratt as a dad with a decidedly-not-dad-bod bod, is full of action and a bunch of generic-looking set pieces wrapped in a pretty original idea.

Pratt plays a veteran named Dan, who signs himself up to travel to the future in order to fight a war against an alien race that has wiped out all of humanity. The survivors have teleported back in time asking for the help of the people of the past to fight a war of the future. Dan teams up with a scientist (Yvonne Strahovski) and his estranged father (J.K. Simmons) to save the world for his daughter. It’s a pretty standard everyman storyline in action cinema, where the everyman is actually a highly trained, ex-military badass, but hopefully the cool concept will overcome the kind of generic look of this The Tomorrow War trailer.

Amazon is hoping to launch a franchise with the film after it scooped it up from Paramount, who sold it off during the pandemic. Given the cast and the big explosions, it doesn’t seem like too big a risk, but the film’s director, Chris McKay, has never directed live action before. McKay cut his teeth successfully on the Lego films though. Hopefully he does well, as he’s also lined up to direct the Nightwing movie and the upcoming Jonny Quest film.

The Tomorrow War releases on Amazon on July 2.