December 3, 2022


Inspired By Travel

These Are 4 Things You Should Pack for Every Vacation

Vacations are a special time that most people look forward to year-round. This is a time to get away from the normal rhythms of life and experience something new and exciting. Not only is a vacation a time to switch things up, but it’s also a time to draw close to those you love whether it’s family or friends. Vacations are always going to be diverse and no two trips will ever be identical. Some vacations will be with family, others will be with friends. Some will involve huge journeys and trips to places that you have never been before – while others will be more simple, where you maybe stay home but take a break from the normal routine of life for a bit.

Whatever the style of vacation that you are about to head out on, there is one rule of thumb you need to stick to – and that’s that preparation makes perfect. Now, preparation looks markedly different from person to person. For some, being prepared for a vacation involves months of planning and a digital forest’s worth of spreadsheets. For others, it looks like intentionally leaving a lot of mystery in the itinerary and going where the wind takes you.

One area that preparation looks the same, or at least should, is in the equipment that you take with you. When it comes to styles of vacations, there are about as many different styles of vacationing as there are people, however, there are some hardcore items that you should never leave without.

If you have been rethinking what core items you need to make sure you have before packing up for your next big adventure, here are 5 items for your consideration.

  1. Bring an Umbrella

Almost all of these items are going to be things that you should be able to put in your car and go. One of the most important, and oftentimes overlooked but dearly missed when it’s necessary – is an umbrella. The great thing about umbrellas is that they are easy to stash and forget about. They don’t take up much room, once you put them in your duffle bag, or a compartment in your car, they simply won’t be a bother or remind you that they are there.

However, the moment you need it – you will be oh so happy when the trouble of storing one. Unexpected rainfall can be fairly common, and even if you are studiously committed to studying the weather, there’s always that chance you get surprised! So, on this next vacation, make sure an umbrella is on the list of prep items. Incredibly easy to store, and unbelievably useful when you need it – you won’t regret making sure you have an umbrella stashed for your next adventure.

  1. A Stain Remover Pen

This is another easy item that will take no time at all to pack in your bag, or stash in the car, and one you’ll be so thankful you have on hand if the need for it arises. There are a variety of brands out there when it comes to stain-removing pens, so go with the brand you like the most. The great thing about having this nifty contraption in your prep bag, or your glove compartment, is that when the inevitable happens – you’ll breathe such a sigh of relief knowing that a coffee spill won’t ruin your day.

This is an easy, affordable on-the-go item that you will be happy you packed for your next trip.

  1. Physical Map

Yes, yes, yes, the digital age has all but done away with paper products – but don’t head out on your next adventure without some kind of map. Whether you are taking a road trip or flying internationally, just stash one in a bag. In the unfortunate case that you may lose signal or have something happen to your electronics, having a physical map can be a lifesaver.

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in a scenario where your technology is failing you, but just in case, have some navigational backup components ready and waiting.

  1. Double Check the Spare

This is one that is an absolute must for road trips. Millions of people all across the country love heading out on road trips for their vacations. Road trips are special in that they allow you to bond with the friends and loved ones you are riding with, and they bring a whole new level of adventure to the equation; however, you want to be prepared for the unexpected.

Unfortunately, especially if you take road trips often, it’s not an ‘if’ scenario but a ‘when’ scenario that you will have to perform some kind of maintenance on your trip. Making sure that you not only have a spare tire but that it is in good shape, is imperative to take a road trip responsibly.