September 23, 2023


Inspired By Travel

Ticked off! @on-time air travel – Orlando Sentinel


I’m ticked off that FedEx is such a slow delivery company. Why anyone uses them is beyond me but most merchants do not give us a choice!

I’m ticked off that some politicians just want to tax and spend without considering making cuts to wasteful overspending and lowering our taxes. C’mon man, think of us little people with low incomes for once.

Just which organization confers the title of “Celebrity?”

I am so very ticked off that someone took the bottom of our car’s right sided mirror.

To the person who wants the weather forecast to include humidity! Are you for real or just new to Florida? Most of the time it’s 100% but if you’d just look on your phone weather app it’ll tell you. Or you can gauge it by if it’s hot out – usually humid. If it’s cool out – usually lower humidity. Or by your hair. Or by how much you’re sweating. Get out much?

I am ticked off at men that do not speak up about spousal and family abuse. There was a situation where a woman was terribly abused and hospitalized. The summation by the husband’s friend was that he knew that she was being a little roughed up at times but that was their business. Also, what is the mentality of men that beat on others, especially women? What is masculinity anyway?

To the person ticked off about waiting on a plane for takeoff. According to a pilot I talked to “on time” reliability is determined by when the door to the airplane is closed not actual takeoff!

A big shout out to the fast-forward button on the remote control for my TV. I take such great pleasure in zooming past all the highly annoying car salespeople and all the highly annoying lawyers. Thank you for sparing me their relentless drivel!


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