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Time Travel-Based Games To Play Before Deathloop Releases

The PlayStation 5 has enjoyed success in the months since its release, with Demon’s Souls and Returnal already pleasing adopters of Sony’s latest home console. Not slowing that momentum down, Deathloop is a potentially premier PS5 console exclusive, with its September 14 launch day quickly approaching.

Developed by Arkane Studios, the minds behind other high-concept action games like the Dishonored franchise, previews for Deathloop have teased a fast-paced and stylized action adventure, complete with a James Bond aesthetic and mind-bending time manipulation gameplay. While the game is still a little while off, gamers who are itching to experience time travel shenanigans and being stuck in a loop (or rather, being in control of said loop) would do well to check out other games with a similar experience.

In many ways, these games paved the way for the mechanics and ideas which Deathloop is putting to good use, which should provide curious gamers an idea of what to expect.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Masklegend of zelda majoras mask banner

First launching on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000, Majora’s Mask was far ahead of its time for utilizing a unique three-day time system in which players would have to familiarize themselves with the world to understand key characters and events. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time dabbled with the concepts of time travel and its implications, but these were mostly restricted to narrative purposes. Majora’s Mask blew these standards out of the water for a rousing adventure that remains just as enthralling and challenging as it was over two decades ago.

Quantum Breakquantum break xbox one banner title

Just like Arkane Studios, Remedy Entertainment is also widely recognized for its high-concept action thrills like Control and Alan Wake. Serving as an Xbox console exclusive, Quantum Break provided players with a laundry list of time-bending abilities which paint the screen with a spectacular visual feast for the eyes. The abilities in the game included telekentic powers, creating energy fields to deflect incoming bullets, and being able to fully manipulate the flow of time. The presentation and visceral combat alone make it worth the price of admission, but Quantum Break also features a gripping narrative structure that expands beyond the game into live-action segments with high production values.

Superhotsuperhot time travel game

Superhot is a clever and innovate first-person shooter providing a fresh spin for any gamers who feel the genre may be a tad stale. The action in the game only moves when the player themselves are moving. If the player is standing still, everything pauses around them, creating a bullet time effect not far off from what was seen in The Matrix series. These moments when time stops give the player a chance to examine their surroundings and plan possible attacks or counter-measures for the threats at hand. Putting it to words doesn’t do the game justice, as seeing it in motion is something else entirely. If anyone wants to feel like an action hero, pulling off split-second decisions and taking down an entire room of goons, this is the game for them.

Singularitysingularity time control fps

Speaking of first-person shooters, Singularity is an underrated gem from the PS3/Xbox 360 generation that makes great use of time abilities and other sci-fi wackiness. The player is given access to a “Time Manipulation Device” (or TMD for short). The TMD has many useful capabilities to assist the player in combat and create some truly sensational action set pieces. Players can advance and reverse time at will, grapple objects with telekentic like power and even send a shockwave of pure energy out to obliterate all enemies in the area. Deathloop has advertised an energetic blend of supernatural powers and gunplay, something Singularity pulled off exceptionally well several years ago.


braid time travel platformer

Braid first hit the scene in 2008 for PC and Xbox Live arcade, helping usher in a new era for indie games. While the platforming in the game was satisfying and the art style dazzling, it was the game’s time-based puzzles that helped sell the experience. These time powers gave way for some serious brain benders, providing the industry with a fresh new take on the familiar time travel theme. The game was also notable for some clever storytelling beats, so for any players that enjoy solid puzzles, amazing artistic design, and a few surprises, Braid is worth looking into.

Deathloop is slated to launch on September 14 for PC and PlayStation 5.

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