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Top 10 things to do in London

25 Best Things To Do In London (England) - The Crazy Tourist

London never fails to amaze a first-time traveler. The glorious past, the present infrastructure, and the amenities make the city so special. If you are planning a trip to the city, Fly into London with the best deals from airlines. Plan in advance to get the best possible price and bookings for the hotel. 

  • The Thames river cruise: Avail a cruise across the River Thames in London. You will enjoy the ferry ride that lasts for 30 minutes to two hours. You will whizz pass the major landmarks as you ride the ferry. Observe the cantilever bridge that opens and settles multiple times a day. The bridge was built in 1886 and stands tall as the most iconic landmark, one of the most photographed landmarks of the world. 
  • Sealife aquarium: The sea life aquarium located on the ground floor of County hall across the South Bank of River Thames, near the London Eye. Opened in 1997, the sea life aquarium is a perfect place to hang around and gaze at the wonders of sea life. You will be amazed by the coral kingdom, Ocean invaders, and the Rainforest adventure. Enjoy the various sea creatures like penguins, sharks, octopus, rays, and rainforest species at a close distance. 
  • Tour of the Shard: Visit the highest point of Western Europe, the Shard, which is a 310 meters high tower, which allows a Bird’s eye view of the Queen’s city. You will enjoy a glass of champagne at the Shangri La restaurant. It’s all about opulence, and the magnificent view from the building. 
  • Warner Brother’s studio: If you love the adventures of Harry Potter, never miss to view the studio where the shooting was done. Chill with friends in the real central perk couch, exploring the evolution of the high-tech Batmobiles. You can take a tour of the behind the scenes that would get you closer to the real entertainment. Enact the scenes from friends with the famous Central park set.
  • Tower of London:  Visit the Tower of London, one of the oldest towers in London that takes you back in a time machine. Experience how social life must have been during medieval times. The Tower dates back to the 12th century when the Roman invasion occurred. Your guide will take you through the history of London that reverberates across the walls standing the test of time. Explore the white tower and see the Kohinoor, the most valuable diamond of the world, possessed by the Queen as part of her headwear. 
  • Madame Tussaud’s London: You will enjoy the get-up and walls of Madam Tussaud’s museum, the most visited place in the city. Established in 1884, by Madam Tussaud the museum hosts wax replicas of almost all the celebrities of the world. Pose with them, click a selfie and take pride to be beside the who’s who of the world. You can see the technique of how to wax idols are made. Never in the world will you get all celebrities under a single shade. Enjoyment at its best!
  • Greenwich: Visit Greenwich near London known for the famous observation Hill, which shelters the famous indicatory line, known to be the benchmark for calculating latitude and longitude of the world. You will get thrills while standing at the ground of zero meridians. 
  • Buckingham Palace tour: Take a tour of the Queen’s official residence. You will be taken around the various floors, façade, and walls of the palace. Explore the balcony, where the Queen waves at the public during special occasions. You may have afternoon tea inside the palace restaurant, which is a part of the package. Just at 11, am starts the change of guard, which attracts visitors from around the world. Capture moments live in a video or snap a photo, selfie during this your tour.  
  • Piccadilly Circus:  Visit Piccadilly Circus, one of the famous roundabout in the city. The place was known in Charles Dickens’s novel and derived from the word ‘piccadills’, a type of fancy neck collar. The famous screens here are Coca-Cola, TDK, Mac Donald’s, LG, Samsung, and Hyundai. Hang around at this place known for the six illuminated screens. 

You can buy city tour tickets, city bus tickets available online. The city tour tickets would include entrance fees to certain destinations and a special offer on public holidays and weekends.

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