June 19, 2024


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Viral TikTok ‘Time Traveler’ Shows Creepy Images from the ‘Future’

A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming to be a time traveler from just six years in the future.

The alleged time traveler goes by the username @unicosobreviviente and only provides his first name—Javier.

According to UNILAD, Javier’s username translates to “only survivor.” A Google Translation of his bio, which is written in Spanish, reads, “My name is Javier and I am alone in the world.”

Javier’s first video, posted in February 2021, depicts scenes throughout the city of Valencia, Spain that look relatively normal, except for one fact—the city appears to be completely void of people. In the video, which has been viewed over 7 million times, he claims to be a time traveler from the year 2027. He says that by then, humanity will have gone extinct.

A translation of the text within the video describes the eerie scene. “Nobody in shopping malls…nobody on the streets.”

In a video posted soon after, he adds, “I keep trying to find human life. I’m starting to lose hope.”

The city scenes Javier depicts in his video look unremarkable, aside from the lack of people. Clothing stores are filled with neatly stacked items for sale, cars are parked along clean city streets, and buildings appear to be in good condition.

The account has accumulated 1.3 million followers and his videos have a combined 7 million likes.

Many of the comments on his videos attempt to prove Javier’s claims to be untrue. “If he’s posting then he’s in our present time,” wrote one user. “That and advertisements and signs would look different……and clothes in stores lol!”

“He was at the mall before it opened… I see boats in the water,” wrote another.

Others ask him to back up his claims with more proof. “If you are really from the future then use a song from the future or show us something made after 2021,” wrote one commenter.

Javier is not the first instance of TikTok users claiming to be time travelers.

Another popular TikTok “time traveler” is user @2029man, who refers to himself as The Messenger. He claims to have been sent back to the present day as “punishment.”

His videos feature outlandish claims about future events, such as global wifi outages and celebrity scandals. Many of @2029man’s claims regarding events in the first months of 2021 have already proven to be untrue.

Valencia, Spain
In his videos of Valencia, Spain, a TikTok user claims to be a time traveler from six years in the future.
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