May 23, 2024


Inspired By Travel

What’s it like staying in Singapore’s newest hotel, Oasia Resort Sentosa?

Exhausted from a gruelling few weeks of juggling deadlines while moving homes, I happily submitted my aching muscles to an expertly executed deep tissue massage. As my therapist intuitively kneaded the tight, painful knots into oblivion, I could feel all the accumulated tension slowly draining from my body.

Afterwards, I opted to add on a ten-minute cryotherapy facial, a first of its kind by a hotel spa in Singapore, featuring a futuristic looking blue light mask that blasts controlled cold air over the face. As invigorating as a black diamond ski run in Niseko, the treatment immediately shrank my pores, tightened my skin and added a healthy flush to my wan cheeks. Looking and feeling infinitely better, I was raring to keep the wellness vibes going.

Located in a former military barracks that previously housed Le Meridien Sentosa (and Movenpick Heritage Hotel before that), it must be said that Oasia’s focus on mindful getaways is a good complement to Far East Hospitality’s suite of properties in the precinct. This includes the family-friendly Village Hotel Sentosa, The Outpost Hotel for couples and The Barracks Hotel for heritage and luxury junkies.

What makes Oasia stand out is its complimentary timetable of recreational activities for guests, happening through the day. These range from mindful activities such as balm-making and tea appreciation sessions to fitness and yoga sessions in collaboration with boutique studios.