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Where to Find the Yellow Flower and the Mysterious Creature

A small guide explaining how to get the “Mirage” and “Ancestor” achievements in Journey. It requires the player to find a flower and a weird creature.

Allowing players to explore a mysterious land, Journey is a game defined by its beautiful environments and its simplistic gameplay. The aim of the game is to reach the summit of a mountain. Why? No one knows for sure. Much like the mystery surrounding the fallen civilization players can explore, the game is more focused on giving the player a memorable experience than portraying a specific narrative.

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One of the more elusive achievements of this game is the “Mirage” and “Ancestors” achievement. It requires players to find a set of easter eggs that are references to other games produced by Thatgamecompany. More specifically, it requires the player to find a yellow flower and a mysterious creature. So below is a quick guide on how to find them.

Where to Find the Yellow Flower in Journey

Journey Game Pink Desert Symbol Ruin

The flower is located in the Pink Desert level. It can be easily identified as the level that comes after the Broken Bridge segment and being filled with sand dunes. If the mountain is considered to be north, the flower is located in the eastern part of the map. To find it, follow the cloth creatures to the glowing symbol that is located on some ruined arches in the desert.

From there, simply head northwest of the ruins and travel over the sands for a little while. The flower should be located in between a few dunes. It is even possible for the cloth creatures to lead you to the flower. If players reach the sunken city, they went too far. When the yellow flower is approached, it may be emitting a chiming sound. To get the achievement, the player needs to sound off their own chime to the flower.

Where to Find the Mysterious Creature

Journey Game Mysterious Creature in Tower

The mysterious creature is located inside the Tower level, but it can’t be accessed immediately. As with other parts of the level, the player can only reach the creature when they trigger the rise of golden magical fog. The creature has two spawn points: the “whale” room with an ancient glyph and a section of the circular tower. Both areas need the magical fog to be raised significantly for the player to access these locations and trigger the spawn.

The easiest way to get the achievement is to simply progress through the level normally until they reach the shrine at the top. From there, the player can simply drop down and explore all sections of the tower until they find the creature. As with the yellow flower, the player will have to chip at the creature in order to get the achievement.

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Journey is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and iOS

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