July 15, 2024


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3 Large Vehicle Options for Carrying Groups of People – Earth’s Attractions

3 Large Vehicle Options for Carrying Groups of People – Earth’s Attractions

Whether you are going to your favorite summer music festival to enjoy a weekend of seeing some of the best bands or jetting off abroad for a well-earned summer break to escape the working routine, the chances are you will be travelling in a variety of large vehicles. Today mass transportation typically involves the use of a wide range of large vehicles to take people to their destinations. In this article, three of the most common and popular forms of large vehicles will be discussed in detail.

The Minibus


The earliest form of the minibus stretches back to 17th century France where large horse-drawn carriages were used to transport paying customers in and around Paris. Today, modern minibusses are used by a wide variety of firms for many different uses. Taxi firms will typically hold a range of minibusses in their overall vehicle fleet such as those offered for sale by theminibuscentre.com. Usually, a taxi firm will dispatch a minibus for larger groups of people as the maximum that can fit into a conventional taxi is five people.

Minibusses typically transport holidaymakers to and from their departure airport as there tend to be substantial amounts of bulky suitcases and bigger groups of people travelling together. Other industries that tend to have minibusses in their fleet include tour operators.

Companies that offer tickets and transport to national events such as comedy shows, music festivals, or days out shopping in other market towns will have a fleet of minibusses to serve the local populations. In short, for smaller groups of people, minibusses represent a cost-effective and efficient form of transport for a variety of events.



The sixties and seventies are considered by many to be the golden era of flight. This is largely because passenger air travel was starting to explode in popularity and was heralding in an era of the “jet set.” In the decades that followed passenger air travel became one of the most popular options for many tourists.

The speed of transport meant that far-flung destinations that would have previously taken days or even weeks to reach could now be travelled to in a matter of hours.

Most commercial passenger planes fly at a cruising speed of between 450 and 580mph, making rapid international travel a reality. In addition, today’s passenger jets can easily carry hundreds of passengers, and the biggest planes in the world, such as the Airbus A380, can carry 853 passengers!

Double-Decker Bus

Double-Decker Bus

For circumstances where a minibus simply is not big enough a double-decker bus can prove to be the perfect option to transport large groups of people. Double-decker busses are common sights in big cities along the main transport routes.

They are two-storey (or deck) vehicles that can typically hold between 90 to 130 passengers depending on the model. London is famed for its bright red double-decker busses that transport tourists to key landmarks around the capital. For many tourists, the simple act of travelling on a genuine London double-decker bus is an experience in its own right!


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