September 23, 2023


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A Hotelier’s Guide to a Guest Experience Platform


A brief breakdown on how a guest experience platform can meet today’s guests’ unique needs.

In the past couple of years, consumer behavior and preferences have shifted as they became accustomed to engaging in personalized and digital experiences in their daily lives such as using fitness apps, ride shares, and food delivery. Hotels need to meet the expectations of this new digitally driven audience in order to remain competitive. But finding out what digital technology will work best with a property can seem like a daunting task. Consider adopting a guest experience platform.

Just what is a guest experience platform? In general, it is a cloud-based software that enables guests to access and request hotel services right from their smartphone or in-room tablet. A comprehensive guest experience platform will include features such as mobile key, mobile check-in, guest messaging, and staffing tools. A guest experience platform is often flexible, able to adapt to any property’s unique needs by adding or subtracting features, it’s easily scalable, and often includes reporting tools that can be used to provide a more personalized guest experience.

Read on to find out how a guest experience platform can help hoteliers meet next-generation guest expectations and set hotels apart from competitors.

1. Hoteliers Looking for Solutions to Deliver a Modern Guest Experience

Today’s guests are looking for greater control over their hotel stay and a more personalized guest experience. With a guest experience platform, hoteliers can meet these modern guest needs and have the ability to exceed expectations.

The great part of a comprehensive guest experience platform is the range of guest-facing features that can give guests more control over their stay such as voice-enabled room controls, TV casting, in-room dining, and more. For example, INTELITY’s mobile check-in includes ID verification and payment tokenization which enables guests to check-in pre-arrival and completely sidestep the need to go to the front desk upon arrival. As guest behavior continues to evolve, having the option to add features can help ensure a property has access to future hospitality tech developments they may want.

With a guest experience platform, hoteliers can also offer a more personalized guest experience. Guests today are looking for unique stays, want promotions and offers tailored to their personal preferences, and desire more authentic experiences. Consumers are experiencing more personalization in other areas of their lives so it makes sense that they are also looking for the same experience in their hotel stay. With a guest experience platform, hoteliers can collect a wealth of guest data which they can in turn use to provide greater personalized service for each guest.

2. Reduce Tasks and Increase Efficiency

A guest experience platform can also include back-of-house solutions that can streamline operations, improve staff workflow, and empower staff to deliver a better guest experience. A robust guest experience platform allows for countless added touchpoints for guests to connect with staff and management, without physically interacting with them. For example, in-app information pages can be built out as a digital concierge; digital service requests can send updates through notifications, so guests can track the progress of their requests; and texts can be sent directly to guests with special offers or room upgrades they might be interested in. A holistic guest experience platform is designed to reduce unnecessary tasks and increase efficiency. The role of the platform is to support the staff and elevate the guest experience.

3. Properties With Working Systems to Add Onto

When implementing new tech, try to use solutions that will build off what’s already working for you. Integrations are the key to a guest experience platform. A holistic guest experience platform can work in tandem with current systems. For a hotel that already has a guest app, a guest experience platform that has a ticketing and task management solution can help the hotel staff maintain a better work flow, save time, and be able to focus on guests’ needs. For hoteliers looking for more ways to connect with guests (without adding stress to their staff’s workload) using smart-room tablets can enhance the personal touch points by giving guests a control center to access digital features and room settings.

Whether a hotelier is looking for specific features or tech that does it all, a guest experience platform can provide the unique setup. As guests continue expecting greater digital access during their stay, choosing a guest experience platform that will evolve alongside cutting edge tech and guest behavior trends is paramount.

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