May 19, 2024


Inspired By Travel

Away Luggage Launches New Travel Accessories: What to Shop Now

Now that it’s starting to look like travel just might be on the horizon in the somewhat near future (as long as everyone continues to wear masks and get vaccinated when they’re eligible!), we’re letting ourselves begin to daydream about all the getaways we’ll be taking as soon as it’s safe. You’ll want to be as comfortable and prepared as possible once you finally embark on that long-postponed trip, and that’s exactly what Away had in mind when designing its latest collection of travel accessories.

The celeb-approved luggage brand, which counts Meghan Markle, Karlie Kloss and Serena Williams as fans, just launched five brand-new products, designed specifically to make sure travelers are as comfortable as possible.

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The launch includes a face mask, sleep mask, neck pillow, compressions socks and travel blanket, all of which are just as useful for those sticking with indulging in their wanderlust from the safety of their own home as for those heading off on a dreamy travel adventure. The five-piece collection emphasizes physical and mental wellbeing, because this past year has definitely taught us the importance of self-care.

A whole pandemic mood.

Away also released a ’90s-inspired mail catalogue satirizing the stir-crazy cabin fever so many of us have experienced staying at home this long, because why wouldn’t you want to wear compression socks while lounging at the pool, or an eye mask while chatting on the phone?

Now, back to the new collection. There’s the $35 adjustable face mask, which comes with an antimicrobial pouch, because seriously, don’t ever let your face masks just float around your purse; it’s a germ nightmare.

The sleep mask, which costs $45 and is designed with a molded shape that won’t irritate your eyes, is made with dynamic thermoregulation technology that will warm you up when you’re cold, and cool you down when you’re too hot. There’s also an adjustable neck pillow ($55), as well as compression socks ($35) with anti-odor technology, because swollen (not to mention smelly) feet from flying are honestly the worst.

Finally, there’s the travel blanket; it’s super lightweight, but with an interior kangaroo pocket and foot pocket, and it even has snaps that connect to the neck pillow. For those of us that always want to be as cozy and comfy as possible while on the go, and also know just how germ-covered those pillows and blankets they hand out on airplanes can be, the $95 blanket is one our must-buy list.


The five-piece travel accessories collection is now live to shop on Away’s site. Scroll through the slideshow above to get a sneak peek at our favorite products from the launch.