December 3, 2022


Inspired By Travel

Casa Alternavida – A Day Inside One of Puerto Rico’s Premier Wellness Retreats


A short while ago we had the fortune to practical experience a remain at one of Puerto Rico’s leading wellness retreats, Casa Alternavida. The identify approximately translates to residence of the alternative lifetime mainly because they imagine you can stability lifestyle, do the job, and anything about you in more healthy, alternate strategies. Leo Tolstoy’s 1877 novel Anna Karenina starts- “All happy households are alike each individual sad household is unhappy in its have way.” The exact same is accurate for well balanced, satisfied life, and there’s no escaping it since almost everything is related if you believe in a holistic philosophy.

Believe that it or not, the way you brush your tooth is related to your deepest hopes, fears, and dreams. This realization is terrifying and liberating at the exact time mainly because you don’t have to jump into the depths of your soul to examine what is maintaining you from reaching your plans. You could map your psyche with a deep exploration of your oral cleanliness, despite the fact that which is both equally really hard and monotonous. Alternatively, Casa Alternavida generates areas and moments for discovery with healthy living and reconnecting to mother nature in a fun and wonderful location.

Join us as we just take you via a working day at Casa Alternavida to see how they help facilitate quieting the clutter in your thoughts, produce opportunities for enlightenment, and provide insights to aid unravel these unconscious commitments and own tales keeping you back again.


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