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Days of Future Past Prequel’s Time Travel Echoes Avengers: Endgame’s

Legendary X-Men writer Chris Claremont discussed the time travel elements of Days of Future Past and how it echoes Avengers: Endgame’s method.

The “Days of Future Past” storyline in Uncanny X-Men was one of the first mainstream comics to tackle time travel. Now, nearly 30 years after its inception writer Chris Claremont will revisit the world of “Days of Future Past” in an all-new prequel story.

Speaking to IGN, Claremont discussed how the time travel mechanics in “Days of Future Past” compare to that of Avengers: Endgame. “The seminal part is Rachel discovering as far as she remembers, she’s the only child of Scott and Jean, except she comes back and Scott’s married to Madelyne [Pryor] and their first child is a boy,” Claremont said. “And so the history she comes back to is not the history she remembers. Therefore we’ve already branched the timeline in a seminal way. And for explanations, go back and watch the critical scene in Endgame between The Ancient One and Bruce Banner, where he explains timelines and how you fix them. Well, this is a case where the timeline evolved differently and continues to evolve differently.”

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During Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers utilize time travel as a means to obtain the Infinity Stones. When the Hulk travels back to the events of The Avengers, he runs into the Ancient One hoping to take the Time Stone from her. She explains that taking the Stone would cause time to split into a new reality, to which Banner replies that if they bring the stones back at the exact moment they were taken that catastrophe would be averted.

One character from the “Days of Future Past” timeline wound up traveling to the main universe. Rachel Grey, who is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey, traveled to the past where she wound up joining the X-Men. She serves on the current incarnation of X-Factor.

The “Days of Future Past” prequel will be part of the Marvel Made Paragon Collection: Chris Claremont Premier Bundle, which also collects several of Claremont’s X-Men stories. It is scheduled for release in March 2021 and can be preordered here.

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Source: IGN

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