May 27, 2024


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Details About Ryan Reynolds’ Netflix Time Travel Movie The Adam Project Revealed

Ryan Reynolds will be starring in an upcoming Netflix original feature called The Adam Project and its all about time travel–but if you’re expecting a Christopher Nolan-style puzzle box, you might be in for a surprise. recently posted an interview with screenwriter Jonathan Tropper (Banshee), where he revealed new details about the movie’s plot.

“To me, the time travel was just a device,” Tropper said. “The movie is not a hardcore sci-fi time travel movie. It’s a movie about people. For me, it was more about the characters and the story of this boy who’s lost his father and is trying to come to terms with what that means, through a really interesting adventure. I’m never gonna write a Christopher Nolan-type movie about time travel. That wouldn’t interest me. For me, it’s more about finding that story that appeals to the little kid in all of us.”

The movie centers around Reynolds, a time traveler, who returns to meet his 13-year-old self (Walker Scobell) to track down their father (Mark Ruffalo), in order to course correct the future.

Tropper has been working on The Adam Project for 8 years. He explained that he wrote the script 8 years ago and has “fought hard to keep it alive at the studio and to keep them looking for the right way to make it.”

But Tropper isn’t the only hand on the script. He also explained that Reynolds himself, who is a co-producer on the film along with director Shawn Levy, has spent time honing the script and his own character. “He’s very sharp-witted and his wit is very specific,” Trooper said. “It’s not just his wit, his sense of character is very sharp. We spent a lot of time honing the script together once he came on board.”

The Adam Project currently has no release date.