Easing restrictions means more travel this holiday weekend

TAMPA, Fla. — Memorial Day is days away and it’s expected to be a busy…

TAMPA, Fla. — Memorial Day is days away and it’s expected to be a busy one on the roadways and in the skies.

Pandemic restrictions are being eased everywhere and it’s expected to be a busy travel weekend.

Visit Tampa Bay, along with travel leaders from all over, are meeting to talk about everything travel related post-pandemic.

And experts say get ready for a busy summer, starting with travel picking up starting this weekend.

“This Memorial Day weekend I think you’re going to see something that is unlike something we’ve ever seen,” said Brian Chesky, Airbnb CEO & Co-Founder.

Thanks to vaccinations and fewer restrictions, AAA predicts more than 2 million Floridians will take a trip this weekend.

That’s up 60 percent from last year.

On Wednesday, travel leaders from all over the world will meet here in Tampa, for the Destinations International CEO Summit.

The group will talk about expectations for how and when travel will fully recover.

Chesky said if Memorial Day weekend is any indicator, expect a busy travel season.

“When things are taken away from you, you want it more,” Chesky said. “What was taken away from us?  Traveling and connecting with other people.”

If you do plan on hitting the road this weekend, be prepared to spend some money on gas, as you’ve been doing recently.

And airlines are back charging pre-pandemic rates or more.