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Get in on the Gift Voucher Game

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Get in on the Gift Voucher Game 

According to a study by Hoist Group, online gift cards sales grew by 117% throughout the second half of 2020. Of course, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions during the throes of the pandemic heavily influenced purchasing habits. But it appears those habits are here to stay.

A survey indicated that over 77% of consumers intended to buy hotel gift cards throughout 2021, with Europeans demonstrating the strongest uptake. The ease of gifting online vouchers and offering tailored experiences was a magnetic option for both purchaser and recipient alike. Hence, even those who had never gifted a voucher before came to understand the countless benefits involved.

We are already seeing similar trends in 2022, with vouchers flying off the virtual shelves throughout the first quarter.

As usual, discounts, seasonal offerings, and flexibility were the main draw. But a trust in site security and responsiveness also meant customers were happy to splash out on gift cards, frequently spending between €100 and €200 on a single voucher.

Less commuting and time in the office not only means more disposable income, but more time to browse and shop online. And with working from home here to stay, work-life balance is taking hold with a larger group of potential guests looking for more ways to fruitfully use their leisure time.

If there was ever an opportune time to get into the gift card game, this is it.

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