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Guestline’s Cloud Solutions Deliver on Mission to Improve Guest Journey


Wednesday, April 06, 2022.

Guestline's Cloud Solutions Deliver on Mission to Drive and Improved Self Service Guest Journey with Automated Benefits

Guestline’s Cloud Solutions Deliver on Mission to Drive and Improved Self Service Guest Journey with Automated Benefits

The Guestline case study outlines how their PMS checklist helped the George Hotel review and optimise their processes.

The George Hotel

The George Hotel Limerick, part of the wider Savoy Collection, is an ultra-modern and stylish boutique 4-star comfort, right in the heart of Limerick’s bustling City Centre. Home to 125 bedrooms and the buzzy vibe of Vincenzo Grill House, serving great cocktails and sure-fire culinary classics, attracting people far and wide to the hotel. Add to that the hotel’s contemporary bar and you have the ideal location to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Requirements

Future Proofed System – the hotel admittedly was operating slowly on a Jurassic PMS and to cope with the new pandemic pace of operations, the hotel required a future proofed system that enabled them to have more control over their operational outputs

Third Party Integrations – as the hotel transitioned to new third party suppliers, they required a PMS that fully integrated with these partners to ensure a seamless operation, to enable more automation and to drive direct business

Enhanced Guest Journey – the hotel required a platform that enabled their guests to take a more central self-service role, whilst allowing hotel staff to use the data and feedback to customise and improve the guest journey

Altaf Khan, Group Director of Operations, Savoy Collection: “With the arrival of the pandemic, our business operation model shifted very fast. We kept staff on 3 days a week and in that time, in addition to the continued operational running of the hotel, we sat down and analysed our tech stack and what was required for the business going forward. Starting with the heart and brains of the business, our PMS. We took our time with it. We conducted research, due diligence, spoke with department heads and tasked sales and marketing to do SWOT and PESTAL analyses of our existing business model. The first things they reverted with post analysis was the requirement for a new website that would drive increased direct business and to compliment this, the choosing of the right PMS partner who could provide the solutions to our requirements. Thanks to the sales and marketing team, their research, drive and ambitious plans for the growth of the establishment, they delivered a plan and a mission, and we took the steps to implement it. By using Guestline’s incredibly useful checklist and keeping the Ryanair model in mind, we knew our approach had to be simple, practical and the guest journey needed to be spot on. Immediately, we started to experience the benefits, with the technology giving us back more time to focus on improving other areas of the business. The system now talks to itself, the integrations work harder for the business, and it has enabled us to create the self-service guest environment we only dreamed we could achieve.”

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Solutions Implemented

  • Rezlynx PMS
  • Channel Manager
  • GuestPay
  • GuestStay
  • Third party integrations – Aloha, Avvio, GuestRevu For-Sight & Upsell Guru


More Guest Time

The fully integrated platform makes day to day tasks simpler, streamlining processes with no hassles. Thanks to their new integrations with partners such as Avvio and Upsell Guru, the benefits were immediate with accessible information that had an immediate impact on the business’s bottom line.

Positive Pandemic outcomes

The Aloha EPoS integration to Guestline’s cloud PMS allows guests and locals to order food from the restaurant from any platform i.e. Just Eat and it goes directly into the systems. The hotel had the staff and the kitchen, but it was underutilised during the pandemic- now automations and new distribution channels have boosted F&B sales and made the process easier for the hotel to handle with less human error or manual intervention.

Streamlined Payments

Life is now easier at the end of the night as GuestPay (payment system) integrates with the PMS and all the payments are reconciled thereby streamlining the process, saving time and eradicating any potential mistakes that less experienced students or part-time staff may have made previously

Increased Direct Business

The new website provider (and booking engine) from Avvio and its integration into the PMS gives The George more control over their revenue and direct booking status. The PMS reports enable the hotel to monitor digital campaigns and sales every month and make adjustments where necessary. The ezine and marketing management through For-Sight allows for design and funnel fulfilment for a seamless guest journey

Powerful Partnerships

Thanks to the expertise The George receives from their partner experts, from marketing to upselling, it’s now easier to integrate and manage these partnerships to maximise every step of the guest journey. By taking ownership and demanding more from the providers, working towards achievable goals and targets, the hotel has implemented more profitable and integrated operations and a better guest experience.

Guest Reviews for Minimal Cost

Operational frustrations are alleviated thanks to guest reputation management software which delivers useful feedback from guests at a minimal cost.  By utilising the software to manage the reviews in one place, the team now have the ability to resolve any issues before a guest leaves a potential negative review whilst guiding and encouraging a happy guest to post a positive one.

Increased Upsells

As an attractive boutique city centre hotel, The George now uses Upsell Guru to encourage and drive upselling across their suite of services and products.  Automatic software engages with the guest prior to and during their stay to prompt upgrades, to add breakfast, celebratory add ons etc.

Support Portal

With no support to lean on previously with their old PMS system, the hotel is benefiting from Guestline’s online support portal which not only helps to resolve any problems quickly and efficiently but hosts an array of handy videos, product information, FAQ’s and shortcuts. With one point of contact now for GuestPay, Channel Manager, the PMS and integrations, the hotel find it helpful knowing that the support is there when they need it.

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