June 21, 2024


Inspired By Travel

Local travel office becomes One Premier Travel Company | Business

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Niagara Scenic Tours, a local motorcoach company servicing transportation and travel needs, announced that they have rebranded their three regional tour divisions. The formerly known tour divisions, Know How Tours, Covered Wagon Tours and Bradford Travel, have rebranded to become Scenic Excursions.

Niagara Scenic took this past year to focus ahead on developing an unparalleled brand with a concentrated approach on moving forward together, stronger and with continued growth. The tour divisions serve the Buffalo/Niagara region, Southern Tier New York, Greater Rochester, and Northwest Pennsylvania regions.

The company has updated their brand identity in their name, logo, and tour offerings. Scenic Excursions offers diverse travel opportunities from one day excursions to worldwide travel destinations. The types of tours and excursions will expand as the demand in travel continues to grow. The company has launched a new website, scenicexcursions.net, that provides an inclusive easy to use online booking experience and will continue their printed mailings to guests with a catalog of upcoming excursions.

“Our team of travel professionals focused on developing a strong, strategic brand to blend together three amazing tour divisions into one, innovative travel and event company,” commented Maria Burridge, Scenic Excursions Regional Manager. She adds, “we are poised with a diverse travel platform, creative travel planning and unmatched product development that will attract all age demographics.”