July 21, 2024


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Recording light: the Power of Photography


Photography does not only capture an image; it communicates and tells a story of the past, of memories that won’t come back. As the saying goes, pictures speak a thousand words. One photo is enough to convey a message, make a change, advocate, and transform the viewer’s perspective.

With the advancement of technology, photography has improved. The image has become more vivid and radiant-looking. If one desires to become a photographer, acquiring the right equipment is a must, as this will affect the quality of the image. But having the types of equipment in photography doesn’t make you a photographer. One must have the vision to capture the images that can lift the viewer’s spirit.

For centuries, humans have tried to leave a mark in the world. Archeologists have discovered different markings in stone, ancient drawings in caves, and paintings that make their memory immortalized in the mind of the people.

In the film Coco, a story produced by Disney that originated from Mexico, the movie showed the unique tradition of Mexicans every 1st and 2nd day of November, wherein they celebrate the dead by putting the image of their loved ones on the altar and offering a variety of foods and drinks. They believed that by displaying their picture, they would continue to exist in the Land of the Dead. In the film, they depicted the importance of preserving the memory of their loved ones by displaying their pictures.

Since the invention of photography, it has made access to preserving memories easier; however, not everyone can afford to have their pictures taken. During the Victorian Era, They had a unique relationship, and they had their way of commemorating the death of their loved ones. During this time, the disease was rampant, and death was inevitable. Because of this, the Victorian era was plagued with high mortality rates, most especially for infants.

To keep their memories, families would hire photographers to take pictures of their deceased and make it look like they are alive, as this is the only time they can have their photos taken together as a family. It may sound macabre, but post-mortem photos were their way of memorializing their loved ones who passed away. Post Mortem photography is the first time experienced photography for most people. This new technology allowed them to keep a permanent image of their deceased relatives, many of whom had never been photographed while alive. Most people looking at the pictures might find the images disturbing, but for people in the 19th century, these pictures provided solace during times of sorrow.

The invention of photography has offered a new way for people to capture moments in a person’s life they want to remember forever. In the past, only the wealthiest could afford to hire artists to paint and create illustrations of their loved ones, but the introduction of photography allowed people from different walks of life to get their pictures taken. Photography is indeed one of the most important inventions in humanity as it brings solace, joy, and nostalgia. It also documents the journey and allows people to see the world where most places are impossible to reach, like outer space.

The journey of Apollo 11 brought humans to the moon and marked a scientific breakthrough as this was the first time that mankind had set foot on the moon. The picture of Neil Armstrong landing and putting on the American flag has received praise and criticism from the public. Plenty of people were skeptical about whether the moon landing was true; nevertheless, they captured the aesthetic of space through this journey. The image is considered iconic until now.

Despite the advancement in science wherein modern cameras can capture images of dark holes, the moon landing picture is still an inspiration for Astronauts worldwide. The compelling sight of Neil Armstrong walking on the moon where nobody had ever walked before was magnificent. The camera has captured that scene, forever immortalizing the moment when humankind has made history and encouraging millions of kids to become astronauts one day. In fact, the photo has been used as a photography backdrop for studios to copy the historic images for astronauts fans to replicate the photo and make it look like they are also walking on the moon as well.

People have learned to express their emotions on a specific topic through images. Memories are passed down through generations in this way. Photography has many benefits; it brings joy and wonder and preserves life’s beauty. You just need to capture it.


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