April 18, 2024


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Ryan Reynolds’ Time Travel Movie Isn’t What You Think

Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo might soon meet up in the MCU as Reynolds’ Deadpool finally joins the superhero franchise. But before the Merc’ with the Mouth conceivably faces off against the Incredible Hulk, Reynolds and Ruffalo will be seen together in the upcoming sci-fi feature The Adam Project. In an interview with Collider, screenwriter Jonathan Tropper, who reworked earlier drafts of the film to give shape to the final script, revealed the strong family element that runs throughThe Adam Project.

“To me, the time [travel] was just a device. The movie is not a hardcore sci-fi time travel movie. It’s a movie about people… For me, it was more about the characters and the story of this boy who’s lost his father and is trying to come to terms with what that means, through a really interesting adventure. I’m never gonna write a Christopher Nolan-type movie about time travel. That wouldn’t interest me. For me, it’s more about finding that story that appeals to the little kid in all of us.”

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The movie will see Ryan Reynolds in the role of Adam Reed, who belongs to a future where the technology to enable time travel is still in its infancy. Adam uses the budding tech to travel back in time to meet his 13-year-old self, who is grieving the loss of their father, played by Ruffalo.

Upon meeting his past self, the two Adams embark on a journey together to track down their father in the past, in order to save the future. The mission becomes not just a quest to prevent a future catastrophe, but also to come to terms with the loss of their father. Complicating matters is the fact that the two Adams don’t really get along very well, and must learn to negotiate their differences in order to work together.

For fans who have grown used to seeing Reynolds in the role of the cynical Deadpool, watching him in a heartfelt role might be a tough sell. According to Tropper, the actor had a close engagement with the script for The Adam Project, and his trademark wit was a useful aid for the storyline.

“First of all, [Reynolds is] also a producer on the film. He and Shawn Levy, the director (who I’ve worked with before), spent a lot of time pouring over the script, and Ryan gave a lot of input into the script, absolutely. He’s very sharp-witted and his wit is very specific. It’s not just his wit, his sense of character is very sharp. We spent a lot of time honing the script together once he came on board.”

Directed by Shawn Levy and written by Jonathan Tropper, The Adam Project features a lead cast consisting of Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, and Catherine Keener. The movie is still in development, and Netflix has yet to give an official date for its release. This news originated at Collider.