June 16, 2024


Inspired By Travel

The ultimate way to experience Vietnam


Let’s talk accom. We don’t do grotty hostels here at Contiki, so you can expect plush hotels as standard. But we like to push things a bit beyond ‘standard’, too. That’s why we’ve got two extra-memorable Special Stays in Vietnam.

First, in the country’s unforgettable North, we visit one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world: Ha Long Bay. And sure, you could do a classic day trip, jostling with the selfie-sticks for a decent view of those iconic limestone karsts. Or…you could do it with Contiki. That means two dreamy days spent soaking up those views at your leisure on a traditional junk boat. (Junk boat doesn’t do it justice – think a private cruise ship with historic charm). Not only will you get to enjoy incomparable sunrises and sunsets, explore the famous grottos and experience the bay closer than anyone else, you’ll also get to spend some quality time with your Contiki crew (I’ve heard the on-board karaoke nights are pretty legendary). 

Next up, the historic River of Time: the Mekong Delta. Here, we wanted to make the accommodation a local experience, too. So we take you to a traditional home stay, where you’ll get to hang out with your Vietnamese hosts, meet their puppies, taste their home-cooked recipes, enjoy a musical show. Oh, and you can take a traditional wicket out onto the Delta and try fishing in the mud holes. Yeah, you’ll get mucky, but travel experiences don’t get much more unique, or authentic, than this.


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