June 14, 2024


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Travel agency meets demand for long getaways: Travel Weekly

New York travel agency Embark Beyond identified a trend that began around three weeks ago, when European countries started opening borders.

Embark’s first long-term stay in Europe was booked on June 1, followed by another two the following week, and four last week. This week, the agency is working on six long-term stays in Europe, said Jack Ezon, Embark’s founder and managing partner.

Europe Insight

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Now, that trend has led to a new program called Embark Longer Abroad, in which the agency books 30-day trips to Italy, Spain
or Peru. Clients have access to office space so they can continue to work while abroad. 

Embark partnered with luxury hospitality company Belmond to create the program. Embark Longer Abroad starts at 24,000 euros (about $28,700) for stays in Europe, and $16,000 for stays in Peru. It includes a number of perks: unlimited laundry, unlimited
printing capabilities, daily breakfast, remote office setup either in-room or at a designated location on-site, 20% off food and beverage, and a dedicated concierge.

“With nothing holding our clients down for the rest of the summer, our clients are opting to forgo the Hamptons for summer in Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast,” Ezon said in an email. “Many are realizing that this may be their last chance to live abroad without
disrupting their work/school lifestyle. With many offices reopening and classrooms getting ready for back to school, the ability to work remotely from afar will soon end.”

Those interested in stays of 60 days or longer can take advantage of the Embark Nomad Lease with Belmond, enabling travelers to move between participating properties for a minimum of three weeks at a time.

The trend of longer trips

Embark is seeing what appears to be a widespread trend. GlobalData is predicting an increase in post-Covid demand for trips of more than 10 nights based on a poll. The poll found that 26% of respondents said they preferred to take a leisure trip of 10-plus
nights, second only to trips of four to six nights (28%).

“Many travelers are desperate to escape their lockdown locations and need a change of scenery,” Gus Gardner, associate travel and tourism analyst at GlobalData, said in a statement. “A lengthier trip gives the optimal amount of time to switch off and
reset, which is likely to be driving the increase in demand.”