June 16, 2024


Inspired By Travel

Travel agency sees uptick in travel, especially with people getting vaccinated

STOCKTON, Md.- A travel agency says more and more people are starting to book trips again, which is certainly a plus for them.

The co-owner of Savage World Travel said when the pandemic first hit, almost the entire travel industry was flat lined.

She said this of course hurt business.

But we are told, now that businesses are starting to open back up, they see a return to travel, especially with travel industries offering huge discounts and incentives and vaccine roll out.

“Within the last two to three months, ever since the vaccines have started coming out, and people are getting vaccinated, there definitely been an up tick,” Susan Savage, Vacation Specialist, and co-owner of Savage World Travel, said. “They should consider going ahead to book now because what we are seeing is people want to go so badly that things are selling out.”

Savage, who you just heard from, said there are still come people who are hesitant about traveling.

But she is encouraging people to travel, saying if people follow the guidelines, it’s safe with all the safety measures being put into place.

If you would like to contact Savage World Travel, you can call them at 443-228-8790 or email them [email protected]