May 27, 2024


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Travel agent on look out for new apprentice to enter the world of tourism


Hays Travel in Horwich

Hays Travel in Horwich

HORWICH’S branch of Hays Travel are appealing for apprentice applications with the closing date to apply to the scheme fast approaching.

The nationwide scheme includes 44 apprentice positions in the North West, with positions at the branch in Horwich included.

The “award-winning apprenticeship” offers participants the opportunity to take their first steps into a career in travel and tourism – learning and developing skills whilst earning a wage.

Apprentices will also gain a “nationally recognised qualification”, and allow them to earn rewards and redeem for hard work.

“We are looking for a positive and results driven attitude, with an absolute passion for travel and tourism”, it says on the Hays Travel website.

Applicants can register their interested in the scheme by visiting

To choose the Horwich branch, on the drop-down “Branch Preference” menu, look for “Horwich – NW”.


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