June 21, 2024


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Unique Slow-Mo Video Is Basically a Glimpse into Time Travel

For anyone who’s currently looking for a way to break their brain—aside from watching Tenet again—we have a unique slow-mo video that plays with time as well as speed. The reality distorting short doesn’t just slip objects into a stream of slow-motion time, but also sees the video’s creator, Ben Ouaniche, move things around as they’re happening.

Peta Pixel picked up on Ouaniche’s video (above). Ouaniche, a visual art director specializing in creative viral content, has dubbed the short “Playing with Time,” and it does indeed deliver on that title.

In the video, Ouaniche, a.k.a. Macro Room, kicks things off by clicking on a stopwatch, as if to say, “Are you ready? Watch this.” The art director then proceeds to toss various objects into the air in front of himself. Then the objects subsequently fall in slow motion. The real trick, however, comes when Ouaniche begins playing with the slow-mo objects; moving around them like the Flash around a room full of normal-speed enemies.

While we don’t know how Ouaniche pulled off this wild display of spacetime distortion, we’re guessing he used After Effects. At the very least there are ways to make something similar to this with After Effects, anyway. Regardless, it’s a fun watch for at least a few loops. And most of the visual artist’s tricks offer a blend of playing out the laws of thermodynamics both forward and backward.

As for our favorite trick? It’s hard to pick. Ouaniche dropping a cookie into a mug of milk and taking a picture of the slow-mo action is quite impressive. But so is the part where he un-smashes and then re-smashes a glass bottle of milk. Without laying a finger on it.

A video of YouTuber, Macro Room, playing with an egg in slow-motion time.

Macro Room

Anyone who now wants to twist their brains even further should check out more of Ouaniche’s videos. Because he also plays with liquids and solids in the same way he does space and time. We presume the artist is only biding his time, however, until Christopher Nolan gives him a call.

Featured Image: Macro Room