June 21, 2024


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What to Expect on Your First Hot Air Balloon Ride


Are you inspired by the Instagram photos of hot air balloons flying over Cappadocia? Did you just find out about the worlds largest balloon festival in New Mexico? It is time to plan your once in a lifetime romantic and family friendly hot air balloon adventure. You do not have to travel across the world as you can find local balloon pilots in many cities and destinations.

To get started on planning your first hot air balloon ride, read on to see the type of experience you can expect.

Hot air balloon flight experience

We took a sunrise flight with Daniel Sasser of A Flight Above, LLC – A Hot Air Balloon Company in Statesville, NC. Arriving before dawn on a crisp autumn morning it was important to come with enough layers as it was below freezing until after the sun came up.

All the balloon gear can fit in the back of a pickup truck or some balloonists will use a separate trailer instead. Once the balloon is unloaded the envelope (balloon) is unraveled and filled with cool air using a giant fan. When the balloon is almost fully inflated, hot air is added with the burners and the balloon slowly stands upright. Now is the time to get your pictures of the balloon as it is pretty hard to get a photo of yourself with the balloon once you are in the air.


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