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10 Things to Do in Isla Mujeres, Island in Mexico


Located along the striking warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and shallow & calm waters of Gulf of Mexico, Isla Mujeres is famous for its pristine beaches and delicious island cuisine. The benevolent hospitality of the locals here is unparalleled. Whether the motto is passive sightseeing or jumping right into adventures, Isla Mujeres has everything from Ruins like Punta Sur to water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling to fulfill your holiday wishes.

Here are 10 distinctive things to do in Isla Mujeres:

#1. Watch whale sharks: The thrilling sight of largest fish species existing on the planet is one distinctive opportunity provided by Isla Mujeres. Don’t let the name Whale Shark frighten you. Actually, they are neither whales nor sharks, but peaceful & largest fishes in the ocean.

July and August are the peak season. For sightseeing, you may take help of the official tour operators of the Mexican Government or the private ones. The tour charges can vary between $125 and $80 and trip timing 45-60 minutes. Compare the number of ferries the operator provides. The more the merrier.

#2. Explore coral reefs at Garafon Park: This revamped park with healthier and thriving coral reefs makes for an enjoyable and unique snorkeling experience. Tour boats from Cancun bring ton of visitors during day time and hence become quite crowded. Since the tickets are quite expensive a useful tip is to is to snorkel in the waters adjacent to the part for 40 pesos and have quite similar experience.

#3. Get into action: Also popular among history enthusiasts of the Mexican Caribbean, the Manchoes reef, close to Cuevones and Banderas Reefs, is one of the great options for scuba diving even for beginner swimmers as the water is calm & clear. With more than 50 such sites, Isla Mujeres is a heaven for scuba diving. Manchoes is also distinct from other sites for having two famous sculptures from the Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA) – the “The Man on Fire” and “The Ernest Hemingway Desk”.

#4. Fishing: The procedure for fishing in Isla Mujeres is rather easy going and non-standard. One just has to speak to a local hotel employee and they will arrange a session with local fishermen who charges a minimal $40 per person for 3-4 hours.

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#5. Visit turtle sanctuary (Torutugranja): Get a rare chance to meet the endangered turtles. Torutugranja has a government-sponsored hatchery (breeding place) for turtles and some other sea animals. You can also buy food and feed the bigger turtles.

#6. Explore the town and townsfolk: The island has a reputation of having a relaxed nature and close to 0 crimes. If you go in late spring through summer, stay on the northeast coast, the nice and balmy environment on this side of the island because of constant breezes from the ocean is a cherry on top. Because most tourist don’t venture outside the tourist area, they don’t get much of the eastern or southern coasts or the other villages on the island which have great food and activities. One can rent a golf cart for $50 for a day and get a glimpse of each part of this small island and its people.

#7. Tour the Cancun Underwater Museum: You are in for a surprise. Watch the top creations of some of the famous sculptors like Jason deCaires Taylor submerged in the ocean at the Cancún National Marine Park. The sculptures are arranged in three galleries and are placed between three and six meters (9.8 and 19.6 ft) deep in the ocean.

#8. It’s time for Beach Volleyball: Relaxation and fun: if you aim for both, Playa Norte is the place to be. Watch sunrise and sunset with sun rays kissing the ocean. Enjoy volleyball or other outdoor activities on the wide swatch of sand lined with palm trees. Feeling hungry or want to let your hairs down, you are covered. There are several regular as well as open-air beachfront restaurants and bars. Seafood choices are plenty. The beach inherits its name from the main volleyball-playing area on Playa Norte which has lost its existence due to changing ties.

#9. Take a day trip to Isla Contoy: Isla Contoy is an uninhabited space situated about 30km/18 miles away from Isla Mujeres. Connect with the diverse bird population that finds refuge in the serendipity of Isla Mujeres and take a dive into spirituality. Sit or walk on the white-sand beaches – the peace takes away the stress and helps you find answers to the unanswered.

#10. Grab a photo with the colorful Isla Mujeres sign: You don’t need to talk about your vacation to Isla Mujeres. Just post the picture with the colourful sign of Isla Mujeres displayed as the background. A few minutes of walk to the center of town, takes you to the place, where you also experience classic sea views. The practice of creating a colourful signs with the town’s name is common across Mexico.

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