July 21, 2024


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5 Places For The Perfect Proposal This Valentine’s Day

5 Places For The Perfect Proposal This Valentine’s Day



So, you’ve finally gathered the courage to pop the question, now it’s time to figure out the details. It may feel like planning a marriage proposal is the most difficult part. Of the endless ways to ask, a marriage proposal must include something meaningful like their interests and shared memories. Start by setting the scene at one of these five perfect proposal spots. And, if you’re not popping the question you can use this list for romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas.


1. A Rocky Stop for A Smooth Proposal 

Camelback Mountain, Scottsdale

There’s nothing like a little adventure to start the biggest adventure of your life. Start your memorable moment with an energizing hike up Camelback Mountain in Scottsdale. The spectacular mountaintop views provide gorgeous proposal picture backdrops. But, if you’re not one for hiking don’t worry. The view of the mountain from the resort below are just as beautiful. Plan a marriage proposal with tapas and sangria on the Prado patio for an equally exceptional backdrop of the mountains.


2. A Historic Spot to Pop the Question

Parker’s Restaurant (JFK’s table) Rachel Leah Blumenthal

We all know about the iconic Boston Crème Pie at Parker’s Restaurant in Boston, but that’s not the only piece of history you’ll find in at one of Zagat’s top restaurants. If you’re planning a marriage proposal, ask to sit at table 40 and recreate the night when John F. Kennedy proposed to his wife, Jackie. The Waterford crystal chandeliers and hand-carved woodwork provide the perfect setting for an intimate marriage proposal.


3. Love Flows Down the San Antonio River Walk

Make Texas’ most beloved landmarks even more special as the site of your proposal. The San Antonio River Walk sits in the heart of the city adjacent to local restaurants, landmarks and romantic hotels. You’ll have everything you need for a weekend getaway or night out. Find an intimate enclave among the stone walkways and bridges to tuck into for a private moment. The famous “Selena Bridge” marks the iconic proposal scene from the 1997 biopic, Selena and is conveniently located between Mokara Hotel & Spa and Omni La Mansión del Rio Hotel.


4. A Monumental Moment in The Capital

Proposal Spot in Washington D.C.

For history buffs, architecture lovers and service members, the Nation’s Capital offers a variety of towering granite and marble memorials to serve as the site of your perfect proposal. Tidal Basin is not only the home of several memorials, but it’s also the hub of the National Cherry Blossom Festival each spring. However, while the views are as landmark as your special moment, plan your moment early in the morning to avoid the tourists.


5. A Shore Thing by The Beach

Couple walking on Amelia Island Beach

From the coast in California to the beaches in the Southeast, you’ll have plenty of beach proposal locations to choose from. You can’t go wrong with a beach proposal, especially when beaches are less crowded and the temperatures are mild. Many of Omni’s beach resorts are adjacent to miles of pristine beaches for a walk to remember. Or, let the helpful concierge plan a romantic bonfire for you and yours at sunset.

When the time is right, all you need for the perfect proposal is the perfect person to share it with. If a proposal is premature, or if you’ve already won their heart, relive the magic with a romantic staycation and book the romance package that includes Champagne, chocolate- covered strawberries and late-checkout.

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