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Beware Of In Flight Theft {On Your Next Flight}


In Flight Theft
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Beware In Flight Theft Is Definitely On The Increase

This is a little something that most of us definitely really do not imagine a lot about when ✈ flying. Owning not too long ago investigated this issue, it’s critical to beware of in flight theft, that is developing extra usually in the course of air journey.

This in particular the situation, on people long–haul flights on more substantial aircraft.

With the extraordinary raise in 🧳 carry on baggage and persons not opting to verify their baggage to help you save money, theft is on the increase as a outcome.

In all the yrs we have been touring, it seriously was not a thing I ever considered about.

It was on our previous 🛫 flight, when my carry-on baggage had to be placed 7 rows again from wherever I was seated. The bins higher than my seats ended up by now whole, when I boarded the aircraft for our – 8 hour flight residence.

It was at that time that it occurred to me, that anyone could open up the bin and check out out what might be inside of some of my zipper compartments.

So when I acquired home, I decided to begin looking into this matter. What I discovered was stunning!

Theft committed on-board airplanes is definitely on the rise!

How Harmless Is Your Have On Baggage?

Airline Crew

Well, not very harmless these times it would seem!

As professional airliners get larger and bigger, holding more and much more people today, it’s extremely easy for your 🧳   Carry On Luggage, to get absent from you.

Just as mine did on our latest – 🛫 global flight.

With these larger sized planes filled with numerous far more men and women these days, it eventually leaves the doorway open up for most any person, to open up up your bag and have 👀 search.  

In most cases, with out other folks even supplying it a next believed!

So the ethical of the tale here is, if you have valuables in your 👝 baggage that you do not want to lose, then 🛅 lock them up or have them on your particular person.

5 Recommendations To Avoid Cabin Theft

Airplane Theft

✔ Lock individuals luggage if you have valuables you do not want to eliminate

✔ Never let your Passport, Significant Files and Money out of your site

✔ Keep zippers or other baggage openings dealing with inside of the wall of the overhead bins to avoid easy access

✔ Do not leave something valuable unattended in the seat pocket in front of you

✔ If putting goods on the flooring make confident they are in entrance of you and obvious.


In Flight Robbers Are Everywhere you go

Beware of In Flight Theft
Listed here are just a number of illustrations of current thefts that people today have been victims of on their flights.

“ Touring by yourself, I was seated up coming to yet another woman and had my bag with a income purse on the floor next to me. As quickly as we arrived at cruising altitude, I went to use the washroom. When I returned and purchased a consume with dinner, my revenue was all long gone from my modify purse.”

“ On a latest flight, I stuffed my wallet and a several belongings in the seat pouch in entrance of me to have a nap. I did not know the 2 other folks seated beside me. Following the flight, I identified my dollars and credit cards lacking from my wallet.”

“ I journey with have on only and on this overnight flight, I experienced my bag and highly-priced jacket stowed in the overhead bin a couple rows back. Following the flight, it was learned that my jacket was gone! No 1 experienced viewed nearly anything as most were being sleeping during the flight.”


How lots of instances have you taken flights without having even thinking that this could ever happen? ❓

I know we surely have, and we’ve taken a number of extensive haul flights about the decades. The future time we vacation by air, we’ll definitely be more diligent about how we regulate our 🎒 have on bags.

Beware of In Flight Theft – A Handful of Matters to Remember

Flight Attendant Closing Overhead Bin

Some people mistakenly imagine crew customers are liable for the harmless holding of your baggage in overhead bins, or in other places.  


It’s not the flight attendants accountability to seem after your bags any where, whenever!

Even though you are in a confined room when traveling, there are amateur and expert 🕵 thieves out there, just waiting for the opportunity to strike!

If the possibility presents itself, they will steal from you and it does not issue how very little the theft may be.  

I was a 👮 police officer for in excess of 30 a long time and I know that folks will befriend you and at the suitable moment, will steal from you in coronary heart conquer!

Normally try to remember that person seated next to you is a stranger. Would you depart your wallet or purse unattended in a restaurant or bar, and go use the washroom for example? ❓

It definitely is no distinct when you’re on an ✈ plane.

Under no circumstances Depart Your Valuables Unattended

air travel theft

Never ever let your guard down with your valuables on an airplane, or anyplace else for that matter. Be diligent and informed of your environment and those people close to you, specially when touring.

Specialists often do the job in pairs, even on airplanes I’ve uncovered. So again, do not go away your treasured valuables or merchandise unattended or in 🔐 unlocked baggage.

This is specially the case when taking overnight long haul flights, when a lot of passengers are 😴 sleeping.



Final Thoughts Banner

In ending up listed here, if you do travel with high priced items this kind of as laptops, cameras, mobile phones and other products, take into consideration getting journey coverage to protect – loss or theft.

Protected and Healthy Travels! 🙂

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