November 29, 2023


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Having a Workcation? Prepare These 5 Things

Top 5 Tips For A Perfect Workcation; Enjoy Your Vacation With Work

Have you ever heard of the word workcation? This lifestyle has hit lately and is accepted among young workers. Workcation is an abbreviation for work and vacation, which means vacation while working. This trend is not only known in Indonesia. Workcation has been rife in other countries, such as the United States. As long as there is a fast internet connection, work can be done even while on vacation. If you want to try workcation, remember to prepare the following things, for more information coworking cafe

Know the WFH (Work from Home) Schedule

WFH has now changed its term to WFA or Work from Anywhere. So not only at home, but you can also work literally from anywhere. If your office enforces hybrid working, this is a sign that you have to know when to go to the office and when you can WFA. But if your office is full of WFA, it’s time for a workcation!

Tell Your Colleagues

Before starting the workcation, telling a friend in a division is a must. When you are slow to respond, your colleagues are ready to back up your work. Even though it’s not said to be on leave, you’re not always in front of a laptop, right? Communicate well so that there is no missed communication at work.

Make Sure You Have a Fast Internet Connection.

During a workcation, you can only partially rely on an internet connection of the hotel or villa where you are staying. Because sometimes, if many people use them simultaneously, the connection is relatively slow and affects productivity. Also, be aware that your private data is prone to intercept. So it’s best to be safe and comfortable, bring your wifi modem with fast internet. That way, you can work anywhere without depending on the local hotel wifi connection.

Set Itinerary

You must make a suitable itinerary, even if it’s only partially a vacation. For example, you want a workcation in Lombok. Make a work schedule from 9 am to 5 pm. Then decide where you work whether it’s a full day at the hotel, going out to a cafe, or on the beach. After that, plan when you have to take a vacation without bringing work. For example, you take workation time from Thursday to Sunday. WFA can be done on Thursdays and Fridays, while you can enjoy free time on Saturdays and Sundays.

Find a Conducive Location

Find a conducive and quiet work location so you can focus on work. You can also look for a coworking café which tends to be quieter. Working from a hotel room or villa is the easy choice if you don’t have one.

In this way, you can still have a vacation while working. Even if you want a workcation in Yogyakarta, labuan bajo beach, or even Manado, you can stay productive and fresh at the same time.