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Create Greater Influence and Increase Your Impact as a Financial Manager With Live Online Workshops.

The online training is designed for upwardly mobile and senior hospitality financial leaders: Directors of Finance, Controllers and aspiring leaders who want to grow their financial leadership role and influence in the organization.

Individuals will complete training in all essential facets of hospitality financial leadership for the financial leader.
Be confident and ready for more challenges and success in your role leading non-financial managers in the business of hotels.

It’s business thinking that non-financial managers need from you, not accounting.   

Accounting skills are your day job; the real mission is leading the other managers and increasing their commitment and effectiveness with their departmental finances.

Feel the limitless possibilities that come from reaching for your full leadership potential.

Ten workshop modules to train your financial leaders. The online workshops can be customized in number, length and frequency to meet your organization’s needs.

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Coming Soon in 2022  – The Prosperous Hotelier

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