June 20, 2024


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How Luxury Travel Has Changed Since The Pandemic


Luxury travel has changed since the pandemic and really, because of the pandemic. The cost of flying has gone up, according to the Washington Post, by “12.7 percent from February 2021,” making travel less available to those on a tight budget. But, luxury travelers aren’t on a tight budget. Even so, there are a few things that have changed in the sector since the pandemic. Service has decreased while the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly travel has increased. Luxury travelers are taking longer vacations and want to travel to places where nature is at their fingertips.

Since the pandemic, it is painfully obvious that the level of service and care for the customer experience has changed in the United States. Less people in the U.S. want to work in the service industry. Almost every hospitality – oriented business is short- staffed and the attitudes of the employees sometime show it. Travelers yearning for the old school style of service and care may need to travel further, or to places that are more private and exclusive, to find quality service.

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Sustainable and eco-friendly travel has gained popularity since the start of the pandemic. Watching the change in the environment; an increase in wildlife, growth of flora and fauna and a decrease in the pollution of lakes, rivers and oceans has caused people to want to continue that trend through sustainable and eco-friendly travel. While many luxury travel business are sustainable and eco-friendly, it will be demanded even more in the coming years.

How Luxury Travel Has Changed Since The Pandemic

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People are focused more on luxury adventure travel than they were before the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, people were encouraged to spend time outside and away from each other. Because of this, the absolute love of nature has been uncovered by billions. Expect to see a rise in private island getaways and privately chartered yachts instead of penthouse staycations in the city.

Look out for longer, luxurious vacations. With the pandemic came work from home opportunities and now many companies have found that it is financially wise of them to continue the work from home trend. Cutting overhead by no longer having building and/or office leases has been a welcomed change for both employers and employees. Working from ‘home’ gives people the opportunity to work while they are away. There’s no need to rush back to the office anymore. Have that afternoon meeting from the villa in Spain. Then, head off to indulge in some Paella Valenciana from Restaurante Casa César El Delfín.

While luxury travel has changed since the pandemic, it is still readily available. Large, luxury hotels are indeed experiencing a boost in reservations. But, there are other things that are leading the change in luxury travel since the pandemic. Guests are yearning for more space, longer trips, better service and sustainable, eco-friendly travel.


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