September 22, 2023


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How to Boost Guest Engagement Via Content Management


Curate your hotel content to improve guest satisfaction and deliver a memorable guest experience 

When the hospitality industry made the big shift to contactless solutions during the pandemic, a wave of properties invested in features like mobile check-in and mobile key. But those features only scratch the surface on how a comprehensive hotel app that includes a content management system can elevate the guest experience. A content management system hosted on a mobile app, or in-room tablet allows management teams and staff to carefully curate content that can transform a hotel app guests use sparingly, to an information hub that guests frequent.

The App as an Extension of Your Brand

When considering ways to boost guest app engagement, a good place to start is by viewing the hotel guest app as an extension of your property rather than a siloed piece of tech. Visuals and language on a guest app that follow a hotel’s brand guidelines strengthens its brand identity and recognition. For a hotel with a casino, this could mean using vibrant imagery and colors. For a boutique seaside hotel, this could mean building a simple home page with a beachy design. Content management is really about allowing your app to be the window and map to what your property has to offer your guests. That starts with adding personal touches and making the design and layout unique to the property. Making a guest app feel like an extension of the hotel doesn’t have to be complicated, it just needs to be intentional.

Giving Guests Control through Content Management

What if the only thing stopping your guests from their ideal stay is that they don’t have the right information? With an easy to use content management system, hoteliers can offer more than the basic room information. They can offer information about their amenities and enable guests to curate their own itinerary. With a hotel app, guests can access information on nearby attractions, book local tours or unique experiences, even make dinner reservations and arrange rideshares. Hotel and amenities information is the bare minimum for a guest app, but that won’t make a property stand out. Good content in a hotel app can raise guest engagement as well as showcase what a hotel, resort, or casino really has to offer.

Staff Processes to Keep Content Up to Date

A barrier to successful content management is foresight. Without a plan for updating content, a hotel guest app won’t remain relevant. A property doesn’t need a team of writers or developers to keep content fresh and accurate – all that’s needed is some planning. First, decide which staff members will be responsible for updating app content. Then those staff members may need some training on how to use the app, such as upload images, or add rich media. Then create a schedule of when the content needs to be updated. It can also help to have brand guidelines and resources handy. The more team members understand the importance of content management, the more knowledgeable they can be when interacting with or updating the app.

Lean into Creative Ideas

For anyone looking to upgrade their content management skills, don’t be afraid to try different tactics. Every property is unique and while you can read a million blogs about ways to improve your content, a big part of successful content management is trying new ideas and seeing what works for your property. This could mean utilizing data collected from your app to come up with promotions and upgrades that will be enticing to your guests. Brainstorm with your staff to come up with content that will help deliver a memorable experience for your guetss.

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