July 22, 2024


Inspired By Travel

Internova promotes travel advisors with “Go Human. Book Human.” ad campaign: Travel Weekly

Internova Travel Group is launching an advertising campaign — “Go Human. Book Human.” — encouraging consumers to book with a travel advisor.

The campaign highlights the benefits of using an advisor, as opposed to relying on algorithms or artificial intelligence to serve up vacation options.

Internova is one of the largest travel-services companies in the world and is the parent of several travel agency brands. Altour is its corporate travel wing, while Global Travel Collection includes Protravel International and Tzell Travel Group, agencies focused on the premium market. Travel Leaders Group includes agency franchise Travel Leaders Network and the Nexion host agency.

“There’s a general misconception that we, the traditional travel advisor, have been replaced by technology, or that we are more expensive, therefore people who don’t know any better book travel on their own,” Internova CEO J.D. O’Hara said. “So while the OTAs certainly play a role in our space, maybe for simple point-to-point trips, a machine will never replace what we as humans can do.”

While O’Hara said Internova continues to do an excellent job marketing to advisors’ clients, it perhaps has not done enough to reach consumers who haven’t used advisors before. This campaign, he hopes, will bridge that gap.

The campaign will kick off with a three-month run in the New York and Los Angeles markets, according to Brent Rivard. He recently joined Internova as its chief marketing officer from marketing company Mass Minority, where he was president.

“Go Human. Book Human” is a digital campaign with long and short-form video, digital display ads, and a paid and organic social media presence, Rivard said. The campaign will also feature digital out-of-home advertising.

The campaign will drive consumers to a new website, BookHuman.Travel. There, consumers will be able to connect with travel advisors from Global Travel Collection.

Global Travel Collection president Angie Licea said BookHuman.Travel is populated with a pilot group of 33 travel advisors. They either volunteered or were chosen through executive input.

Advisors will not be charged to participate, Licea said. The website does not send leads to particular advisors. Instead, consumers can search for advisors based on destinations and location, and choose who they want to work with. BookHuman.Travel is linked to Internova’s Agent Profiler tool.

BookHuman.Travel will eventually be open to all Internova advisors. O’Hara called what is available today the “tip of the iceberg” for the project. 

“The general premise here is that a rising tide lifts all ships, and we as one of the biggest ships will get the greatest benefit,” he said.

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